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Religion Confronting Science:
And There Was Light

by Donivan Bessinger

"We cannot accept a conflict between religious truth and scientific truth unless we believe in a self-contradicting God." An exploration of current concepts in science, showing how quantum physics, depth psychology, ecology, evolution, and ethics relate to our most cherished spiritual concepts. Both spirituality and reason give us an inspiring vision of the wholeness of creation and of the human person, and lead us to affirm creation's balance within ourselves and in the global community.



1. Introduction: What doth the Lord require of thee? -- [Notes]

2. Divine Nature: I AM Who I AM -- [N]

3. The Cosmos: Let there be light -- [N]

4. Biological Evolution: Let the earth bring forth living creatures -- [N]

5. Ecology: Consider the lilies, how they grow -- [N]

6. Human Nature: In the image of God he created him -- [N]

7. Good, Ethics, Evil: The man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil -- [N]

8. Summation: And there was light -- [N]

Afterword: Science and faith

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_1. Myth as truth (chapter 1)
_2. Classification of worldviews (ch.1)
_3. The cosmic system (ch.3)
_4. The unity of the physical forces (ch.3)
_5. Dimensionality (ch.3)
_6. Bell's Theorem (ch.3)
_7. Image, reality, phenomenon (ch.3)
_8. Creation history (ch.4)
_9. Evolution's design (ch.4)
10. Anthropic principle (ch.4)
11. System control: Feedback (ch.5)
12. Generic systems diagram (ch.5)
13. Levels of description (ch.5)
14. Jung's model of the psyche (ch.6)
15. Symbols of the Garden of Eden (ch.7)
16. Ethics models (ch.7)
17. The Great Commandment (ch.7)
18. The collective challenge (ch.8)


Robert A. Johnson, Jungian analyst (Transformation; He; She): "... grand vision of wholeness of knowledge and spirit."

Trinity Herald: "Faith without fundamentalism"

Book Reader: "Bessinger's vision of the wholeness of creation is especially appropriate in today's polarized society."

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