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The Pleromatics Project

Spirit and Cosmos

PROLOG:  The Spirit of the Cosmos

1. The Spectre of Theology Evolving     
2. Religion of the Whole 
3. The Unification Problem   
4. Eastern Spirituality
5. Western Spirituality  
6. Modeling the All
7. Dynamis: The Psychology of God  
8. Jesus, Cross, Cosmos
COSMICA: Sistina Revisited

Master Index

Introduction:  Pleromatics:  Why?

PART I: Defining a new discipline

Derivation: Pleroma in [New Testament] [Gnosticism] [Jung] [Teilhard]
Method: [Principles], [Postulates], [Synthesis]

PART II: The nature of reality

The physical nature of reality:

Reality Check: A quick introduction ,
Pulsed nonlocality

The Nuocontinuum:
(1) Reflections on Reality, Healing and Consciousness
(2) The Nuonic Nature of Nonlocal Reality
(3) Time for Eternity

Reality and Resonance
Life-systems wholeness

The psychological nature of reality:

C.G.Jung: A brief introduction to his ideas
Cult and Controversy: Richard Noll versus Carl G. Jung
Edinger on nonlocal reality

PART III: Towards a synthesis

The cosmic feminine: [Aluna] , [Sophia], [Theotokos]
Edinger: Depth psychology as new dispensation

Spirit & Shadow

Metachristianity and Meaning in the World Age
Eucharistic Sentences, adapted from Teilhard de Chardin

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