The Pleromatics Project

by Donivan Bessinger

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The Pleromatics Project
seeks to contribute to the process of bringing together
our understandings of spirit and cosmos, and to point toward
a renewed sense of meaning for individual and social life.

Pleromatics: Why?

Pleromatics is a word coined by the author, to designate the search for new meaning at the interface between physics and psyche. It is "the search for meaning in the experience of the fullness of reality." It is based on pleroma, the Greek word for fullness, which has also been used since ancient times to refer to spiritual reality.

It is widely acknowledged that traditional religion is facing a crisis of relevance. Modern knowledge has discredited literalist interpretations of ancient spiritual formulations. The reductive view of traditional science has denied the significance of, even the existence of, a transcendent realm. Inevitably, modern people are facing a crisis of meaning, and our old values and ethical formulations are rapidly breaking down.

Yet at the same time, science itself is in something of a philosophical crisis, for quantum physics has shown the existence of a nonlocal reality, and demonstrated that consciousness is a critical consideration in quantum effects. Neither situation fits the old reductive frame of reference. New formulations are required to accomodate the existing evidence.

Analytical (Jungian) psychology has presented the empirical evidence for the collective unconscious as the nonlocal reality of psyche. It is clear that a "grand unifying theory" must reconcile more than the physical forces and symmetries. It must reconcile physics with psyche as well.

The new "World Age" convergence is taking place along the front lines of many disciplines, including quantum physics, neuroscience (consciousness studies), philosophy, depth psychology, theology, comparative religion, and undoubtedly others which should be mentioned. Yet this convergence must be concerned with more than mere knowledge. It must address meaning as well, and that is beyond the scope of most of the academic disciplines, as traditionally defined.

The writing of the book manuscript Spirit & Cosmos inspired the “Project” as a framework for further exploration.  Originally, those chapters were a component of the Project, but are now indexed separately. The Master Index of the Project gives access to various types of background and related material throughout the author’s domain. Project files will be recognized by the orange logo. S&C  files use, in addition, an eleven-armed (“evolving”) blue logo.


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