My TOE, My Myth, My Mystery


Ultimate Nature and Absolute Reality

are equivalent, the same, the One



Being-in-Itself is eternal, the One,

the nonlocality, undefined by space or time



Being is the Primal Energy,

equivalent entirely and nonlocal, for without energy

there can be no thing



Existence happens in spacetime;
it is the being-property of “a thing”



The primal Energy
 is expressed as pulses



The Energy-pulse

explains Planck’s constant,

limits speed of light,

and in the succession of the instants

re-creates all mass in space



The Probabilities

known in the equations of the quantum

function as an abstract “mind”, a nonlocal information field

in which the all-that-is ultimately is entangled



The Information Field is a nuocontinuum,
known in the maths as Hilbert Space



Microtubules of the nucleated cells

can read the wavelengths of the quantum;

in complex concert in a brain they give rise

to wakefulness, wherein

the sense-phenomena are seen.



Unconscious intuition of the Absolute

gives rise to sense of mystery and awe,
the wonder on which one’s spirituality is based



The symbols of shared meaning in societies

tend toward the organizing of religions;

wherein the conscious ego is drawn by literal belief

away from discovery of the inner self, and

toward constraint of thought, and of expression ;



Literalism is the domain of Science,

for that is how we must describe

particulars of a spacetime world ;



Symbolism and poetics must describe nonlocal Mystery,

for they are the natural language

of the unconscious world



Science and Spirituality both must balance

if an individual or society

would be Whole.



Uncertainty and noncomputability

apply at all levels of observation,

in both science and spirituality.



Ultimate Nature is generic;

its symbols of experience

may be translated into Understanding

for the Wholeness of the All.






NOTES    Title:  My TOE, My Myth, My Mystery


(a)  TOE:  Theory of everything.  


(b) Myth: in its technical sense of the story which defines the Meaning of one's life; such a myth is true, so long as one does not confuse psychological with physical description. On the personal level, however, one hopes to bring the two descriptions into as close an accord  as possible. 


(c) Mystery – both in the sense of wonder, and in consideration of the Uncertainty Principle.



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Donivan Bessinger


18 January 2008  (but in view of Propositions 7 and 15, any and all of this is subject to change at any moment !!)