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Cosmos & Consciousness



Everything we experience and know is a product of our own individual consciousness, and everything known collectively is a product of shared consciousness. The anthropic principle of physics argues for a cosmos purposefully organized for the production of consciousness.  From that standpoint, we might well express the meaning and purpose of human life as culturing consciousness within ourselves and in concert with others, as our personal role in cosmic life.


This annotated index points to other indexes and contents on this disc which pertain especially to consciousness studies, broadly defined.


A personal glossary of consciousness terms


On the “content” or “depth/breadth” of contemporary consciousness:



The Pleromatics Project contains a variety of notes and essays which seek to relate meaningful life to a contemporary understanding of “the fullness of reality,” individually and collectively.  It embeds a book manuscript Spirit and Cosmos, examining the evolution of religious consciousness in global life.


Foundations of Noetic Medicine is a monograph which brings together material from several of the author’s formal articles (published and unpublished), seeking a broader reality-consciousness in the medical profession and healing practice in general.


The Unitive healing site contains articles on the worldview of healing, for patients and professionals.


Essays on Ethics & Healing is a list of the author’s medical journal articles.


Healing Thought is an unpublished essay on the implications of quantum theory for our worldview of healing.




On the “mechanisms” of consciousness:  the “science of consciousness studies” 


The question of how individual consciousness comes about turns out to be extraordinarily complex.  It involves many physiological levels working together in a complex web of interactions.  However, there are strong reasons for arguing that the “mechanisms of consciouness” question is so difficult to solve because consciousness is not mechanistic;   its origins are nonlocal and involve quantum interactions at the micro-neurological level of the individual.


Foundations of Noetic Medicine contains some specific speculations about “quantum mind” and consciousness, especially in Part II.


Pulsed-nonlocality: Towards a unification of approaches to consciousness  summarizes a poster presented at the Quantum Mind conference, Tucson AZ in March 2003.