Most of the world seems on-line, which is a great help when planning outings or searching for something to do. Here is a selection of resources, many with calendars that aren't too outdated.

General, Government Organizations, University Organizations

The New Haven Free Public Library has a schedule of its events, which includes many for kids.

Both the City of New Haven and Hamden have web pages.

The New Haven Visitor's Bureau publishes a web page, as does the Chamber of Commerce . Both are glossy pages geared to tourists, but many of us are new to the area, and the on-line equivalent of brochures turn out to be useful. The same is true of the You Belong in CT site.

Info New Haven is another organization of unknown origin, but it sponsors the Friday Flicks movies and the Jazz and the Blues and Roots festivals. The web site has the schedules, although few clues to what else the group does.

The Yale Peabody Museum has an on-line schedule of its events. The museum has a toddler-friendly discovery room, plus all those dinosaurs. And it regularly has puppet shows and crafts days.

The Neighborhood Music School, at 100 Audubon Street, New Haven, has a series of free concerts.

The Hamden Kids site includes information f or parents and child-care providers, including a schedule of activities

The New Haven Ecology Project offers regular farm and nature programs for kids at various locations around New Haven.

The Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center offers standing events and special programs at the center at 10 Deerfield Road. 736-1053.

There's a Family Events Calendar maintained by the Parents First developmental parenting organization from the Yale Child Study Center.

The overall Yale events calendar has listings for many organizations on campus.

Newspapers, Digital Media, Other Sites

The weekly New Haven Advocate (available Wednesday or Thursday) includes event listings for "Kids" and "Misc. Events", which are on-line.

The New Haven Register is a terrible excuse for a paper, but at least its event listings are free on-line.

I haven't figured out who publishes the New Haven Web, but it seems to be a good set of links to local web sites, including those for arts and entertainment.

The Hometown Publications chain has a web site which includes the Hamden Journal, which lists community events in Hamden, Cheshire, Wallingford, and North Haven.

The Hamden Chronicle is on-line, as part of one of the local media empires. The web-site doesn't work too well, but the paper does have a community calendar, and it usually does list local library events, concerts, and Park and Recreation offerings.

The Yale Daily News publishes a supplement each Friday (during the academic year) with listings of campus and city events. While many listings are for music and nightclubs, the paper includes events at the Peabody Museum, the art galleries, and the music school. The Yale Bulletin and Calendar is even better at listing events that happen to be kid-friendly.

The CT NOW site is actually produced by the Hartford Courant, and both it and the Connecticut Post try to cover the entire region.

When we were living in Oregon, we really enjoyed going to agricultural fairs, which Connecticut also offers in lite form. Kids, animals, music, greasy food!

The Kids Events site lets you search for events in the region.

A publication called Kids' Directory is available for free in the area; it is mostly ads. Both the print and the on-line version have a calendar of local events.

I have a hard time telling apart Connecticut Parent from County Kids. Both are available in hardcopy at the local libraries. They're also both heavy on Fairfield County events (Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich). They are good at listing events specifically for kids, and it is probably worth the trip to the Bruce Museum or the Norwalk acquarium.

One of the national sites has information on events in New Haven County, which includes both Hamden and New Haven.

The YaleStation site includes a city guide and information on campus events.

The Kids Directory magazine is on-line. It is a monthly that serves this area as a "family resource guide", but it is mostly ads for local businesses.

The New Haven Baby site lists some resources locally.

Last updated: 15 December 2005

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