This booklet supplied to me by
Sister Dorothy Neuhofer O.S.B.

Diamond Jubilee

Sacred Heart Church
St. Joseph, Florida

1888 - 1963

Early History Of St. Joseph, Florida

(Extract From Silver Jubilee Book)

Mr. Andrew Barthle, the Father of Saint Joseph, Pasco
County, Florida, came here in March 1883, and after pros-
pecting during three months, returned to Minnesota to an-
nounce to his many friends the wonderful things of "The
Land of Flowers." He moved here with his family in Jan-
uary 1885, whereas his brother, Bernard A. Barthle and fam-
ily, had settled here in June 1883. Others soon followed,
most of them from Minnesota. This place was originally
know as "Barthle Settlement" and later as "St. Joseph."
At that period San Antonio, Florida, was the nearest post
office and place of worship. The settlers were quite numerous
in 1888, when they planned to build a chapel."
"In the spring of 1888 five
acres of land were acquired for
a school and a church. The school
house was completed September
30th. On the following Monday,
October 1st, 1888, it was dedicated
by the Very Rev. Gerard M. Pliz,
O. S. B., Rector of San Antonio,
Florida. The school is a frame
structure, one story high, with
a bell touer in the rear. In the
front of the school hall is a plat-
form on which stands a beautiful
altar --- for meanwhile the school
house will be used also as a
church. After the Dedication Rev.
Father Gerard celebrated THE
MENT, and at its close the con-
gregation sang 'Grosser Gott.'
Then followed the formal opening
of the school and the installation
of its teacher, who for the pres-
sent is Mr. Bernard A. Barthle."

The first School And Church Built In 1888

Church Dedicated Sunday, November 13, 1892

"On Sunday, November 13th,
1892, the Church, begun last May,
was dedicated by the Rt. Rev.
John Moore, D. D., Bishop of St.
Augustine, Florida, assisted By
the Rev. Benedictine Fathers
Charles, Roman, Bened'ct and
James of St. Leo College, St.
Leo, Florida. The Clergy were
joined en route to St. Joseph by
the San Antonio Brass Band.
Whose lovely marches re-ecoed
cheerfully through the balmy
pine forests. When they arrived
at the Church everything was
ready for the dedicatory services.
The dedication was immediately
performed by the Rt. Rev. Bishop.
Then Rev. Father Benedict O. S.
B., Pastor, sang high mass, the
Bishop and the Fathers assist-
ing in the sanctuary, After the
Gospel of the Mass the Bishop
explained the ceremonies of the
Dedication and then preached on
the text. therefore, into
the who'e world, and preach the
Gospel to every creature." After
Mass the Rt. Rev. Bishop gave
Benediction of the Blessed Sac-
rament. In conclusion the con-
gregation sang the "Grosser
Gott" (Te Deum) with great emo-
tion. The choir was conducted by
Mr. Henry Klein. The San An-
tonio Brass Band did its best and
gave the people a real musical
treat before, during and after the
The school children, taught by
one of the Benedictine Sisters of
Holy Nanme Convent, San an-
tonio, Florida, tendered the Rt.
Rev.Bishop an enteriaining re-
(Extract From Golden Jubilee Book)
"On the fifth of July 1926, Rev.
Thomas Hoffman, O.S.B., the
Rector of Sacred Heart Church,
started to build the present St.
Teresta Hall, and finished the
structure in little over over a month.
Up to that time all parish enter-
tainments and social gatherings
were held in the school building."
"In November 1933, the Rt. Rev.
Francis Sadiler, O. S. B., D. D.,
then Rector of the Church, made
preparations and began the work
of extending the front of the
Church twelve feet; a tower was
also added to the church. The
members of the congregation fur-
nished the lumber and hauled it
to and from the mill. The men of
the parish did the work, by
Christmas the addition to the
Church was almost finished."
About the middle of Novem-
ber, the Rev. Thomas Hoffman,
O. S. B., a former Rector of Sa-
cred Heart church, built a mold
for a baptismal font. The font is
now complete and will be instal-
led in the Church, priot to the
Jubilee celebration; it is to be a
memorial of the Golden Jubilee of
the Church."
Descendants of the founders
and early settlers of the commun-
ity recall the days when people
traveled to their destination by
horse drawn buggy or wagon.
Some recall the trip from Wild-
wood, the end of the railroad line,
by ox cart.
Children and grandchildren de-
light in hearing of their trips
thru thick pine and oak wood
forests, kept free of large a-
mounts of grass and weeds by the
the cattle which were allowed
to roam at will.
The priests and nuns especially
had a long ride from St. Leo and
Holy Name. Some people still re-
call "Maudess a gray mare the
school boys took much delight in

stabling for the nuns.
The settlers were farmers. The
main crop was strawberries. Oth-
er crops included fresh vegetables
of all types.
(Extract From Jume 19, 1926
Issue of the "Florida Grower")
"Fourteen years age C. J. Na-
the set out on his Pasco county
farm of 340 acres about an acre
of kumquats. Today he is the
world's kumquat king. His grove
area in this fruit now totals
something better than four acress,
considerably less than what other
growers possess, but all his trees
bear so prolifically that his ship-
ments gave him first rank among
"During the 1926 spring season
approximately 1600 crates of this
fruit were picked and shipped
from the Nathe groves. The prices
received ranged from nothing to
as high as $6.00 a crate. The av-
erage was about $2.50 a crate."
There are several firsts many
recall -- the first baptism, Cas-
per Andreu Barthle, August 20,
1890; the first marriage Frank
Christ and Anna Barthle, June
18, 1889; the first post office, a
part of a screened porch of the
home of Mr. Bernard Barthle, the
father of Mr. John B. Barthle
who lives presently at the same lo-
cation; the first family, in the
community to own a car, the C.
J. Nathe family, a 1914 Model
T. Ford; the first car driven by a
school teacher, Mrs. Jessie Dunne
of San Antonio, a 1908 one cylin-
der, chain driven Cadillac.
The members of the St. Joseph
community and their many
friends will be recalling these and
other memories today as The Sa-
cres Heart Church reserves a
special day to celebrate their Dia-
mond Jubilee.