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An index of the Barthle Family (A-Z)
The index list is in birth name order
first name first, if unknow middle name _____, middle name, then Last or (maiden)last name

Click on their first name will take you to their family page Click on their last name will take you to their place as a descendant
if adpoted, birth last name/adopted last name = Taylor/Simmons
Note: nicknames are in   "   " , and (maiden or prior married names) married last name = (Goodall)McCoy
Note: You may know that person by their nickname
That nickname may be taken from their middle name;

We know him as
  "Mike  " but his name is Clement Michael   "Mike  " Petters
So you could find him in the index listing under
  "Mike  " Clement Michael Petters or Clement Michael   "Mike  " Petters
or the nickname is short for their first name
The name   "Tony  ", so look under Anthony, etc

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click on the letter about of their first name or nick name

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