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some early infomation from 1562

(Andreas) Andrew _____ Barthle; Nov 16, 1802 (1801) - Feb 06, 1891
-married four times and had three sons and a daughter

  • married in Nov 09, 1829, to his first wife, Anna Mair; born 1805, they had a son (Bernhard)
    "Bernard" Aloysius Barthle; born Jan 27, 1830 - Jul 01, 1900
  • remarried Jan 24, 1842, to his second wife, Josepha Menrad
  • remarried Mar 06, 1848, to his third wife, Anna Menrad, they had a son (Andreas)
    "Andrew" Peter Barthle; he was born Dec 09, 1848 - May 13, 1923
  • remarried Oct 08, 1849, to his fourth wife, Barbara Blessing; Aug 01, 1815, a son (Karl)
    "Charles" B. Barthle; born Oct 20, 1852 - Apr 05, 1936, & a daughter (Franziska)
    "Frances" ______ Barthle; she was born Sep 17, 1855 - ___ __, 1908

The Descendants of
Bernard A. Barthle, Andrew P.
Barthle, Charles B. Barthle, or Frances Barthle

An index of the Barthle Family
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1880 CENSUS &, 1930 CENSUS

"The beginning of the Barthle Family in Florida"
They had moved from Minnesota where only years earlier
emigrated from the Black Forest Area of Germany.

Excerpt from "Cowboys, Kids & Critters" by Jeanette Barthle
The history of the Barthle clan in the area is somewhat curious and dates back to Andrew Barthles three marriages. He had a son by each of his three wives. From those three half-brothers the present Barthle families are descended, "filing the woods," so to speak, with Barthles.
Trying to untangle the relationships between all of the families can be a frustrating procedure. One has to take into account all of the grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins that are once, twice, or three-times removed, keeping in mind that many are "half-cousins."
The fact that there were several other large families in the area and that they all intermarried really adds to the complications of determining whose relations are whose!