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Tjoloholm Slott and Askults By
Varberg and Falkenberg
Textile Area
Lake Vanern
Bronze Age Rock Carvings and Farm
Grebbestad and Fjallbacka
Leaving Goteborg
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We just got back from Sweden

From picking up our new Volvo at the factory in Goteborg to watching the sunset over the ocean, it was a great trip.

We decided to use this website to share our pictures with everybody.

We started out by taking the train from Heidelberg to Kiel, Germany. We boarded the overnight ferry at Kiel, and sailed north to Goteborg on the west coast of Sweden. In the morning, the factory representative from Volvo picked us up. We'd like to say that it was in a limo, but it was a bus. A short while into our bus trip to the factory, we sensed that we were not in the right place. (The tour guide spoke only in German!) We asked her when we got there, and, yes, we had taken the wrong bus! They immediately sent a nice Volvo limo to pick us up and bring us to the right place! The trip just got better and better after that. . .


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