Enzyme Web Quest

Instructions: Use the links provided to answer the questions below.

How do enzymes affect chemical reactants

Enzymes function as ________________ catalysts.

Provide a definition of a catalyst. _____________________________________________


Complete the diagram below

Characterististics of Enzymes

Enzymes allow reactions to proceed at rates which are compatible with the state of some chemical-physical systems which we define as "living".

List 6 characterists of enzymes







Enzyme Discoveries

Enzymes were first used from microorganisms in ancient Greece around _________ BC.

The word enzyme derived from the Greek means ____ ______________ .

When did scientists discover that enzymes are proteins? _________

Enzymes Used in Medicine

In what way have enzymes aided in the field of clinical chemistry? ___________________________

Chemical nature of enzymes....

At one time it was thought that all enzymes were made of this molecule ______________

Describe the chemical nature of the molecules which make up enzymes ____________


Enzyme-substrate Animation (Example 1), (Example2), (Example 3)

Explain what is happening in example 2. ________________________________________________

What enzyme and substrate are involved in example 3 ______________________________________