Problem 2

In some plants, a true-breeding, red-flowered strain gives all pink flowers when crossed with a white-flowered strain: RR (red) x rr (white) ---> Rr (pink).

If flower position (axial or terminal) is inherited as it is in peas what will be the ratios of genotypes and phenotypes of the generation resulting from the following cross: axial-red (true-breeding) x terminal-white?

Note: Axial (A ) is dominant over terminal (a ).

The genotypes of the parents are AARR and aarr. Therefore the gametes of the parents must be AR and ar so the genotype for all the offspring in the F1 generation will be AaRr, and their phenotype will be axial-pink.


What will be the ratios in the F2 generation?

The ratio of genotypes can be determined by examining the Punnett square below:

The ratio of phenotypes will be:

6 axial-pink

8 pink

3 axial-red

4 red

3 axial-white

4 white

2 terminal-pink

12 axial

1 terminal-white

4 terminal

1 terminal-red