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Description and Procedure:

In short, X-ray film is used to take a picture of the location of molecules containing the radioactive atoms (such as P-32 or S-35)

Autoradiography is a photochemical detection method in which a radioactive sample is placed above a photographic emulsion or film. Radiation from the sample interacts with the silver halide in the emulsion.


Uses or Function:

It may be used to locate a specific gene, trace metabolic pathways, or the organization of delicate cellular structures.

Autoradiography, may be combined with the study of cell physiology by feeding cells specific compounds with radioactive atoms and then microscopically observing on a photographic emulsion the distribution of radioactive events.

The technique of labeling compounds with radioactive isotopes makes it possible to study the distribution and concentration of isotopes in tissue slices similar to those studied routinely under the microscope.