Biome Web Quest

Distribution of Communities


For each biome describe the biotic and abiotic factors included on the study guide as fully as possible. Use your book and the web sites provided. If you find any other web site (other than those given) specific to the biome you have chosen, print out at least the first page and attach it to your report.

When visiting a site use your browser's find function -- type in the key word or words then activate the find function to quickly go to the information on the web page or site you selected.

Terestrial Biomes (Click on the Study Guide for the biome of your choice and print out a copy. Use the sites found here or ones that you find on your own to answer the questions.


Desert Study Guide [Site 1] [Site 2] [Site 3] [Site 4] [Site 5]

Tropical Rain Forest Study Guide[Site 1] [Site 2] [Site 3] [Site 4]

Tropical Savanna Study Guide [Site 1] [Site 2] [Site 3] [Site 4]

Deciduous Forest Study Guide [Site 1] [Site 2] [Site 3] [Site 4]

Chaparral Study Guide [Site 1] [Site 2] [Site 3]

Temperate Grassland Study Guide [Site 1] [Site 2] [Site 3] [Site 4]

Taiga (Boreal Forests) Study Guide [Site 1] [Site 2] [Site 3] [Site 4]

Tundra Study Guide [Site 1] [Site 2] [Site 3] [Site 4]


You may find the following general information about biomes helpful.

 Temperature Conversion -- Fahrenheit to Celsius or Celsius to Fahrenheit


Aquatic Biomes

Marine Ecosystems

Freshwater Environments


Climatograph Worksheet

Get credit for doing the worksheet on this site.

Use this link to get weather records and averages.


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