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Santa Paula Canyon, Extreme Cliff Diving, Seasonal Fishing, and Remote Camping at The Punch Bowls!

Santa Paula Canyon

Extreme Cliff Diving!

The Punch Bowls (left), also known as Santa Paula Canyon Falls provides great recreational opportunities for the seasoned outdoorsman and the weekend warrior. If you like to dive off rock cliffs than this place is for you. There are many places to dive at this wonderful Santa Paula oasis. The jumps range anywhere from 10, 40, and 80 feet depending on the climb or water hole. The Punch Bowls, Santa Paula Canyon Falls are a multi-level waterfall complex. If you jump from the 3rd level falls you should dive from the second and first levels as well in order to get out of the waterfall complex. You could climb out but that would not be any fun. Use extreme caution at the Punch Bowls if you seek cliff diving. I personally know people that have broken their arms, legs, and necks at this place. Keep note of the water level before diving and get a good push off when jumping. Some of the protruding boulders are what people usually hit when getting injured at the punch bowls, Santa Paula.

Seasonal Fishing?

Wild trout can be found at the punch bowls year round and the season is open year round. The larger fish are rare and difficult to catch. You can usually find the fish hanging under the Santa Paula Canyon Falls, water spiders, small crabs and crawdads can be found in the canyon's waters. The bag limit for these wild Rainbow Trout is five per day per angler. Check the 2006 California Department of Fish and Game regulations before heading out and please practice catch and release when fishing at Santa Paula Canyon.

Remote Camp Sites

If you like true remote camping than this is the place to be. Camp Cone is the first camp nestled between two Pine Trees in a grass clearing. It's the closest campsite to the Santa Paula Canyon Falls. About a quarter mile up stream there is another site on the crest of the 3rd level Falls just before the rope swing dive. About another half mile up stream there are camp sites along the trail. When you get to the big water slide three more miles up stream is last chance camp. That hike is about a day in and a day out. Unless you are in a hurry. The stream and falls are a relaxing enjoyment and reward for those that can do without the luxuries of RV's, Propane Stoves, and a General Store. Bring plenty of clean water or a filtration unit if you will be staying the night. Drinking directly from the stream can cause Giardia and other undesired waterborne diseases. Check out our gear center for items that will help your overnight stay a more comfortable and enjoyable stay. Visit the Los Padres National Forrest page for more information about Santa Paula Canyon.

Remember to pack out what you pack in. The Punch Bowls are part of the Los Padres National Forest and it takes a lot of time, money and effort to remove trash left behind by people that don't have respect for natures gifts. Help keep Santa Paula Canyon a great place to visit today and tomorrow.

About the Santa Paula Canyon Falls ''The Punch Bowls''.

The Santa Paula Canyon Falls are located in Santa Paula, Ca. The Santa Paula Canyon Falls are Ventura County's most popular day hike. The geographic name for this location is Santa Paula Canyon. Located in Santa Paula, Ca. This water playground is best known for it's towering waterfalls and it's many swimming holes. With it's high cliffs and smooth mossy streams, the Santa Paula Canyon Falls provide pure swimming and cliff diving enjoyment. Whether you are an experienced cliff diver or you just want to get your feet wet at the Punch Bowls. This day hike is one of the most beautiful hiking destinations that Ventura County has to offer. If you desire peace and quiet on your visit then you should visit the Punch Bowls during the week since people come to the Canyon in droves on the weekends. Due to the rain storms in 2005 the trail has been damaged and the trail is not defined. Contact the Los Padres National Forrest for more information.


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