Vendors/Equipment/Magazines Reference Page

The following list contains twenty six items which are linked to vendors and magazines related to the Disability Community

  1. The Ability Hub will direct you to adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers.
  2. Access Unlimited has all sorts of products for ease of use. You will find overviews, specs, downloads, and links to other sites galore!!
  3. adaptABILITY is a super source of simple tools and devices. Including Household, Kitchen, Personal care, Recreation, Cognitive Perception, Bed and comfort care/Positioning/Support aids, Mobility aids and accessories, and more, this is a great place to go to make life easy and fun!! Want to just email ? Here you go!
  4. Amigo Mobility International, Inc. provides mobility aids for people with a wide range of walking difficulties. Since 1968, Amigo has improved the quality of life for over 70,000 people in 40 countries around the world.
  5. Arkenstone, a nonprofit organization, has a series of products designed to deliver information access through the thoughtful application of appropriate technology, from reading machines to talking GPS-based personal locators.
  6. The Assistive Technology Column can be found in Business Week. When you get to the site scroll down to the easily find it in the Columns section. Thanks to John W. Williams for his great reporting and keeping things up to date.
  7. Cleaver's Mobility Centre is a complete site for all areas of products and information in Great Britain. They will take orders from other areas as well.
  8. Conform UK is a source for a variety of products such as wheelchair cushions, wheelchair cushion covers, spoke guards, gloves,ramps, caster Flashwheels, reha AirMan owl, mattresses and overlays, and orthopaedic pillows.
  9. Disabled Dealer is a monthly catalog for vans, wheelchairs, scooters, cookware, internet resources, independent living centers, and more.
  10. Don Johnston, Inc is a fine source of products focused on technologies. The time and imagination put into the creation of what you will find will fit well with the imagination of so many of the customers it approaches - kids!! One thing to be careful of on the web site is lots of graphics.
  11. EnableMart is a large source of assistive technology distribution that provides over 3,000 assistive technology and assistive living devices from over 200 manufacturers.
  12. The Home Ramp Project is a non-profit organization recycling used computer systems and related materials to benefit persons with disabilities and persons living in disadvantaged situations.
  13. A Source for Single-Handed Dvorak Layout Keyboards
  14. Dynamic Living has over 150 kitchen products, bathroom helpers and unique daily living products that promote a convenient, comfortable and safe home environment for people of all ages.
  15. FRONTLINE MAGAZINE FOR PARENTS AND WORKERS IN THE FIELD OF MENTAL HANDICAP, Frontline has been published since 1989 and has dealt with issues of interest to both Frontline workers and parents of those with a mental handicap. (Please note that this source is using the term "handicap" - not this webmaster.)
  16. Handi-Ramp Inc., created in 1958, has almost forty years of creating accessibility for the physically challenged. In-stock products, meeting ADA access requirements, or custom designed ramps are available. Today Handi-Ramp offers ramp products serving four market niches:
    • Van Ramps and Accessories
    • Permanent and Semi-Permanent Ramps for architectural applications
    • Portable Ramps and Handi-Traks
    • Custom Ramp Products and Specialty Ramp Applications
  17. Mainstream is a leading news, advocacy, and lifestyle magazine for people with disablilities. It has been in publication for 20 years and now also available online.
    Mainstream covers news & current affairs, new products & technology, profiles of movers &shakers, education, employment, sexuality & relationships, housing, transportation and travel & recreation.
  18. New Mobility is a lifestyle publication serving the resource and informational needs of people with disabilities
  19. Program Development Associates has a wide range of videos dealing with the disability community. An educational source for training those serving the disabled, living within the community itself and linking members of the disability community to a common unity, PDA is a worthwhile group to look into.
  20. Rehabilitation Designs, Inc. was conceived as a place where persons with any type of physical challenge could obtain an innovative solution to their mobility needs as well as custom, functional, positioning products fabricated on site.
  21. R.J. Cooper and Associates is a development company that makes products for persons with special needs, including special software and hardware adaptations
  22. The SkillsBank Corporation is committed to empowering learners by providing exceptional and affordable technology which supports basic skills education.
  23. TeamRehab is a magazine devoted to news and information about the field of assistive technology and service delivery in the long term rehabilitation area. TeamRehab welcomes articles, manuscripts and art materials related to this assistive techonology and service business.
  24. WheelchairNet is a very deep area of information to browse through with different topics and many links to be found in each one. Go to it!!!! Lots to be discovered and it is captivating for the curious.
  25. Wheelchair Standards Development A Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) The authority for RERCs is contained in section 204(b)(3) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. 762(b)(3)). The Secretary may make awards for up to 60 months through grants or cooperative agreements to public and private agencies and organizations, including institutions of higher education, Indian tribes, and tribal organizations, to conduct research, demonstration, and training activities regarding rehabilitation technology in order to enhance opportunities for meeting the needs of, and addressing the barriers confronted by, individuals with disabilities in all aspects of their lives. An RERC must be operated by or in collaboration with an institution of higher education or a nonprofit organization.
  26. World Wide Wheelchairs is the largest used medical equipment company on the net!!!!

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