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The following list contains sixteen items, with two nested sites, focused on the seniors population.

  1. The federal Adminstration on Aging is a wonderful source for a full range of resources and information.
  2. The American Association of Retired Persons
  3. Aging with Dignity is a privately-funded, non-profit organization that advocates for the needs of elders and their caregivers, with a particular emphasis on improving care for those at the end of life. Thanks go to Jim Towney, Founder.
  4. The American Society on Aging
  5. The Association for the Protection of the Elderly A nationwide nursing home reform and resident advocate organization, lots of helpful info. Ila Swan helped form this group.
  6. California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform has a summary of citation, deficiency and complaint history for all calif. nursing homes and other helpful info.
  7. Commission on Legal Problems The American Bar Association's site is dedicated to examining the law-related concerns of older persons.
  8. ElderWeb is a research site for both professionals and family members looking for information on eldercare and long term care, and includes links to information on legal, financial, medical, and housing issues, as well as policy, research, and statistics.
  9. The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is a national and state reference site for advocates for residents of nursing homes, board and care homes, assisted living facilities and similar adult care facilities.
  10. Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Information Center The Bauman & Rasor Group are investigators who work for attorneys on nursing home and qui tam cases, their web site has lots of good info on how to inspect a nursing home, resident rights, etc. from the consumer's perspective.
  11. Nursing Home Compare Provides detailed information about the performance of every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country.
  12. The Retirement Nightmare contains information on conservatorships, guardianships, state codes, and links to other sites.
  13. Senior Sites is the largest web source of nonprofit housing and services for seniors with over 5000 communities listed.
  14. State Agencies on Aging
  15. Umbrella Senior Home Services is an extremely comprehensive site with a wealth of information from within, as well as a wide range of site links in the seniors focus area.
    Special thanks to Forrest R. Byrne for his work and research.
  16. The official Web site of the Social Security Administration is also available. Have a look!

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