SandyBottom's  (aka Dawn Stewart)

    Ultimate Sea Kayaking Challenge


 March 4 - April 2, 2006 - a 1200 mile small boat expedition race


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                 The Kruger Dreamcatcher 



Dawn and Dreamcathcer at Jordan Lake 9/24/05



                                                                                                                        photo courtesy of Kruger Canoes

Kruger Canoes is lending me a Dreamcatcher for use during the race.  Since the inception of the WaterTribe Challenges (2001), the Kruger boats have continually had a successful presence. 


The Dreamcatcher is the sea kayak version of their well known Sea Wind.  This kayak will provide me with the comfort, stability, and safety needed for the conditions I am likely to encounter.  To avoid overuse injury and just for fun, I plan to paddle with both a canoe paddle and a Greenland Kayak paddle, though every Kruger owner I've talked to says once I use a single blade, I'll never use a double again.  Follow my race and see!


I will be joining Mark Przedwojewski (ManitouCruiser, and owner of Kruger Canoes), along with Jack Cramer and Brian Webber (SeaBiscuit) for a 200 mile, weeklong, Lake Michigan north shore expedition at the end of August.  Afterwards I'll bring the Dreamcatcher home to NC for training.  I'm also planning to write an article on my introduction to the Dreamcatcher and the single blade paddle, this from the perspective of a paddler whose only sea kayaking experiences are with high performance kayaks.


This is what Kruger says about their Dreamcatcher's seaworthiness:

"The Dreamcatcher uses the Sea Wind hull and derives much of its seaworthiness from that design.  The new deck enhances its capabilities for really big water and dumping waves. This boat is especially designed for the Great Lakes or the oceans.  The Dreamcatcher's initial stability is excellent, and the final stability is superb.  It handles very calmly and predictably in wild turbulent water, rip tides, cross currents, whirlpools, boils and big water.  With the Dreamcatcher's rounded hull shape and full ends there is nothing for turbulent water to work on so the Dreamcatcher doesn't get yanked or tossed around as a finer lined or shorter canoe would." 


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