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thin pillow


welcome to thin pillow.

an invention of ex-sleepytime gorilla museum drummer, keyboardist, and co-writer david shamrock, thin pillow is a dense, multi-layered exploration of anxiety, melancholy, anticipation, exuberance, frustration, and joyfulness.

scored for guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, with occasional flute and violin, thin pillow's instrumental music builds upon a rock framework, but draws influences from the 20th century classical modernists and atonalists, metal, acoustic folk rock, various ethnic folk musics, and birdsong.

thin pillow features carla kihlstedt of sleepytime gorilla museum and tin hat trio, steve adams of rova saxophone quartet, and mike johnson of thinking plague. david also drummed for the most recent thinking plague release, a history of madness.

To hear samples, please link to my myspace page below.

thin pillow's myspace page

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