Jurgen Links

The Wikipedia entry for James Branch Cabell.

The Wikipedia entry for The Biography of Manuel (including Jurgen).

The Amazon listing for Notes on Jurgen.

Buy the book

Buy the audio cassettes (a very nice, professional production; the text of the book is read and dramatized by a troupe of actors, with music and sound effects; here is the manufacturer's description)

James Branch Cabell Library at VCU

Also, the VCU Cabell links

Mike's James Branch Cabell Page

Another Cabell fan site

The Litrix Reading Room includes the full text of Jurgen and other books. Here is another copy of Jurgen, and this one includes the original illustrations and decorations by Frank C. Pape. In fact, here are the pointers to the graphic plates.

Also, here's the full text of The Cream of the Jest.

Here are a few Yahoo links for James Branch Cabell.

More info and links here.

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