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Online Learning Style Inventory

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Note: Follow this link for an in-depth discussion of the Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Style Scales including: background, descriptions of styles, and rationale for using it for distance research. Also, check out the following resource for learning style information on the web. Finally, to try out the GRSLSS, go to this online version. [username/password: cuesta/online]

The Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Style Scales (GRSLSS)

The GRSLSS, an instrument developed in the early 1970s, has been used to identify the preferences learners have for interacting with peers and the instructor in the classroom setting. The six social learning styles identified by this model are the Independent, Dependent, Competitive, Collaborative, Avoidant, and Participant. The inventory is made up of 60 items (six scales, 10 items per scale). Students are asked to judge themselves using a five-point rating scale that ranges from strongly disagree (rating of 1) to strongly agree (rating of 5).

Online Learning Style Inventory

This online learning style inventory is a Java-based web page that assesses student learning style preferences based on the Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Style Scales (Figure 1).

Online learning style inventory

Figure 1. GRSLSS Online


Summary of Features

    • Automatic scoring (prevents addition errors; this has been a real problem with hand scored inventories) prevents needless double-checking for accuracy (Figure 2)
    • Scoring page

Figure 2. Automatic Scoring

    • Provides a printable copy of the inventory and results
    • Inventory will return an e-mail of raw scores to the researcher
    • Will return subjects' name, and other identifying characteristics to the researcher via e-mail
    • Returns an error (instructing subject to complete inventory) if subject fails to answer all inventory items
    • Use tab key to move from one survey item to the next (eliminating excess "mousework" thus streamlining the process of taking the inventory)
    • Compares subjects' raw scores with the norms and places them in the "low," "medium," or "high" range for that learning style category
    • Provides a separate interpretation page (Figure 3) which provides descriptions of each learning style category

Figure 3. Interpretation Page


Interpretation page



Cost for using the online learning style inventory will vary according to:

Usage Type. Please indicate how you will be using this online survey (i.e., grant-funded research, personal research, doctoral dissertation, etc.).

Time. Please indicate how long you will need services (i.e., the length of your research period).

Number of Subjects. Please indicate how many subjects will be using this survey during the given time period.

For More Information

To find out more about the online version of the GRSLSS, or to request usage, please fill out the "Send Request for more Information" form. The link to this form can be found at the bottom of this page.

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