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The use of technology is an imminent concern at many educational institutions. More and more colleges are interested in providing training for their faculty, enabling them to create technology-based educational products that can be used to aid the teaching/learning process. The Learning Technology Series (LTS) can help faculty adjust to the rapidly changing educational environment while addressing their most fundamental concern: the pedagogy of instructional technology.

Rapid technological change, presents at least two challenges for educators. First, teachers must stay abreast of relevant technologies by assessing the value of educational technologies, and acquiring and continually updating their technological skills. Second, teachers will need to begin blending new technologies into their instructional settings. To successfully upgrade skills and integrate technology into the educational environment, teachers will have to make a time commitment and school districts will need to provide ample training and support.

Pedagogy should drive technology

To ensure good instructional practice, as well as student success, instructional goals should drive technology training needs. Thus, pedagogy-based training should be emphasized along with traditional technical-based training to provide a comprehensive technology training package for faculty and faculty trainers. The LTS helps faculty to understand the pedagogical rationale for using technology to promote an optimal teaching/learning environment. Faculty are provided numerous principles for effective technology-mediated instruction.

LTS complements local training efforts

The Learning Technology Series is designed to complement local training programs by providing generic instructional technology concepts that can be used by educators no matter what standard for hardware and software is adopted on campus. Hands-on training is also generic and skills learned can be applied to any environment.

Professional growth and continuing education

The Learning Technology Series is a perfect fit for staff development/ flexible calender days. The presentations or workshops can be easily integrated into the flexible calender. Nursing education programs, or any other programs that need continuing education credits, can also benefit from the LTS. Administrative retreats are another possible venue for the LTS. Administrators can request specially designed presentations and workshops for their development retreats.

To see a description of each LTS module, go to "Workshops In-Brief."

 Information:  About LTS | Workshops In-Brief | LTS Team | Fees
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