Pedagogy-Based Technology Training

David P. Diaz, Ed.D.

Kevin F. Bontenbal, M.L.S.

Biblographical reference: Diaz, D. P. & Bontenbal, K. F. (2000). Pedagogy-based technology training. In P. Hoffman, and D. Lemke (Eds.), Teaching and Learning in a Network World, (pp. 50-54). Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS Press.


In preparing faculty to create and use technology-based educational products for the classroom, a new approach to training is necessary. Technology training for faculty should at the very least include a discussion of learning theory. Instructors should be made aware of the two predominant learning theories (instructivism/constructivism), and should determine to what extent they ascribe to each theory. This process is essential for helping faculty understand the factors that determine the design of instructional activities and the choice of instructional technologies. In conjunction with a discussion of learning theory, instructors should also be aware of student learning styles and how instructional activities relate to and encourage these styles. And finally, an integrated approach to technology training should incorporate both pedagogy and technical skills, and should promote team-based educational product development. This comprehensive approach to technology training and product development will help ensure that faculty are favorably positioned to meet the demands of a changing technological landscape, as well as meet the unique needs and expectations of students in the 21st century.