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Lower your bills with our complete in-home services, including an initial, free consultation. Other services include home energy audits, water conservation strategies, solar energy installations and food garden set ups.

In-Home Consultations and
Energy Audits


Our initial home consultations are free. Meet with us, learn about our services and how we can help you save on energy, water and food costs.
The next step is a comprehensive home energy audit, where we find all the ways to reduce your home energy and water use. We cover everything from heating and air conditioning to the kitchen sink!

Solar Energy Installation 


In sunny climates, home-based solar energy is one of the best ways to reduce electricity costs. We can help you determine if photovoltaic (PV) panel installation is a good option to produce your own electricity, and even sell it back to the power company (in some states). We can help you locate and install popular and affordable solar hot water heaters.
In addition, we'll help you find out how to take advantage of potential tax rebates for alternative energy in your area.


Water Conservation Strategies 


Our advanced water conservation strategies include rainwater harvesting systems and gray water recycling. Setting up a system to collect and store rainwater from your roof can greatly reduce city water consumption. Stored rainwater can conveniently be used for bating and to flush toilets and wash laundry. Rainwater catchment berms in your yard direct water down to the water table, providing more water for your tree roots.
Gray water comes from showers, bathtubs, bathroom sinks and washing machines. It accounts for up to 80% of household wastewater. Gray water can be captured, stored and used again to water gardens, trees, and maintain pond water levels.

Passive Cooling, Food Gardens and Aquaculture


Our Passive Cooling, Food Gardens and Aquaculture program combines many useful aspects of trees, plants and water to create a pleasing, energy efficient outdoor space around your home. We'll recommend types of trees and vines to plant to increase shade. We can help you set up a food garden to reduce your food costs, and even install an aquaculture (fish growing) system so you can enjoy home-grown seafood!

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