Nov 2016 Added pages for a backplane for 1802 systems using the RCA Microboards bus and MicroDOS
Sep 2016 Belated addition of links to comments on 2014 Nuts & Volts power supply article.
Aug 2015 Added some plots related to line frequency to the power page.
Feb 2015 Added eForth to the MSP430 page.
Jan 2015 Added pages on ATSC Time
June 2014 Added a MSP430 page.
April 2014 Added a CP/M-68K simulator to the CP/M-68K page.
Jan. 2014 Added a page discussing rail button location.
May 2013 I scanned a photocopy of an old Audio magazine article on building FM antennas. Because my copy was old and not of high quality to begin with, I used OCR on it and cleaned it up.
May 2013 I scanned a part of an old fig-FORTH document that isn't available on the fig web site. Available for a while here but now with home at Forth Interest Group.
February 2013 I rearanged my CDP1802 stuff a bit. Since I added a page on VLSI layout and simulation and it looks like there will be more, it gets a top level menu.
January 2013 I am also experimenting with cgi on the Pi since I can't do that at Earthlink. For now I have a NAR L2 practice test generator running.
January 2013 I have a new Raspberry Pi which can collect data for the power stats.
November 2012 Finally finished igniter testing and posted the results.
August 2012 I recently started looking at the internal operation of the RCA CDP1802 micro-processor.
January 2011 Rearranged the main menus a bit to create two basic categories for rockets and electronics. Added a page discussing the shortcomings of the dasBlinkenBoard firmware.
4 October 2009 Added a index page to hold various bits on the RDAS altimeter.
31 August 2009 Added a page discussing parachute bay vent holes.
23 July 2009 Added a page discussing the RDAS altimeter pyro outputs and their limitations.
9 July 2009 I am dabbling with some code to graph the Texas electric demand.
9 July 2009 The FAA published some corrections to the Part 101 rules. I have updated my condensed version of Part 101 available at FAA Rules.
20 May 2009 I have revised and cleaned up the regulation section.
16 Mar. 2009 The court decides that the ATF's decision that APCP is a regulated explosive was wrong.
28 Jan. 2009 A bill has been introduced in the Senate giving the ATF authority to issue exemptions.
14 Jan. 2009 The ATF finally published the final rule on the PAD exemption.
21 Dec. 2008 Just playing around with using cascading style sheets instead of frames.
4 Dec. 2008 The FAA has issued the final rule ammending the Part 101 regulations on rockets.
Sept. 2008 New pages on stuff I am doing for the Data Rocket project. Logomatic firmware and signal conditioning schematic and PCB design.
16 July 2008 Added a page about converting AltAcc pressure data to altitude.
21 March 2008 Added a page describing a new launch detection algorithm.
21 Feb. 2008 Added some information on the ATF exemptions.
7 Feb. 2008 Revisited the magnetic data for my PAC-3 flights and converted from voltage to Gauss.
Oct. 14 2007 Added a version of my Kalman filter for the ARTS altimeter. Look for it the bottom of the 2002 R&D page.
29 Sept. 2007 Posted my handy dandy RDK+ cross reference.
31 July 2007 Added pages on new OSHA and DHS regulations on explosives and chemicals.
24 June 2007 The ATF finally came through with my permit. I made a record of this years experience for any who are interested.
14 June 2007 Created a new page for the proposed changes to 14 CFR Part 101.
10 April 2007 Added information on todays court filings to the appeal page.
16 March 2007 Added information on todays court filings to the appeal page.
31 January 2007 Added information on the motions for summary judgment filed today to the appeal web page.
24 January 2007 I had thought that my Earthlink webpages would die when I dropped DSL service but it now appears that because I am continuing an e-mail account that they will not. I am however rather cramped for space so the pictures from White Sands Missile Range and the Space Hall of Fame are gone.
18 October 2006 Added a copy of my response to the PAD NPRM. Either find it on the regulations page or use this link if you are in a rush.
13 October 2006 The ATF has rendered their decision on APCP. There is no surprise in the outcome but the inadequacy of the argument is stunning. Link on the appeals page.
11 October 2006 Added links to the latest ATF court status report and a OIG report on former ATF director Carl Truscott to the appeals page.
11 August 2006 Added a commented version of the hobby rocket motor final rule to the regulations page.
9 August 2006 I haven't figured out where to put it yet, but here is a nifty template generator for intersecting tubes. It is a postscript file and you will have to edit it (a text editor such as Notepad) for your particular tubes.
19 July 2006 Posted the ATF's court status report.
12 July 2006 Updated CPSC page because of regulatory posting.
8 July 2006 Added a page to the R&D section on igniter all-fire/no-fire current testing.
19 June 2006 Added a page about Earthlink's usenet servers. (This page have been deleted as of July 2009.)
May 2006 Added a note about a problem to the relayer page under DARS equipment.
Jan. 2006 Added some flight data to my ATACMS page and a few more photos of the real thing.
8 June 2005 Added page on new ATF regulations for marking and permit class.
20 December 2004 Added results from latest two flight tests of the barometric version of my Kalman filter code. (R&D 2004)
9 December 2004 Added information on the CPSC harrasment of Firefox. The BATFE's status report to the court for this months status conference is most interesting. They are going to break out the model rocket motor exemption as a separate final rule. See the details of both these items on the regulations page.
23 November 2004 I noticed that I hadn't put the latest version of the altimeter code up on my R&D pages. It is now available.
22 November 2004 I have finally updated the R&D page to reflect what happened this summer. I haven't done anything since NARAM but working on this update I think I discovered why my ADC problems didn't go away.
18 November 2004 Minor update of regulations page. Added links to major sections at top and a note on the November court ruling.
22 October 2004 Added flight data from latest Assault Breaker flight. EMI caused early deployment.
27 July 2004 I finished up my R&D report for NARAM 44.
18 July 2004 Added results of the pressure sensor only Kalman filter flight test to R&D page.

I also rearranged some things. Earthlink only provides 10MB of web space with an account and I am running into that limit. But I can have up to ten E-mail accounts and each account gets 10MB of web space. The only problem with this is that the URL is based on the E-mail address. But I have created a new account and moved some things over. I think I fixed all of the links but I might have missed one or two.

7 July 2004 The Aurora flight was a bust (R&D pages) and I have started working on my new altimeter design. I have hardware and I am writing software. (Altimeter Project)
31 May 2004 Added page for igniter test meter.
16 May 2004 Updated R&D pages after yet another flight test of my Kalman filter altimeter code.
9 May 2004 Updated R&D pages after the latest flight test of my Kalman filter altimeter code.
31 Mar. 2004 Updated regulations page after the 19 March court ruling.
20 Dec. 2003 Posted data from todays flight test of the Kalman filter code in the R&D section.
9 Nov. 2003 Finally finished up the LDRS flight data for the T22 Assault Breaker.
6 Nov. 2003 Posted version 1.1 of altimeter code. Not flight tested yet.
21 October 2003 Updated R&D pages with data from the first flight test of the Kalman filter code in a Roctronics altimeter.
4 August 2003 Posted pictures of both flights of the Assault Breaker at LDRS 22 and RDAS data for the M flight.
25 July 2003 Added some info on the flight of the ATACMS at LDRS 22.
22 July 2003 Started updating level 3 pages with data from LDRS flights.
23 June 2003 Added page on S724 to the regulations pages.

Took down the large versions of the pictures on the White Sands Missile Range pages. I am running very close to my quota so something has to go.

Added new pages on a GPS rocket tracker.

14 June 2003 Updated altimeter project page. I have completed entry of the scematic into ExpressSCH and am starting on the PCB design using ExpressPCB.
7 June 2003 Updated T-22 contruction and recovery pages with scanned images.
5 June 2003 Updated T-22 contruction and recovery pages. Construction is complete!
24 May 2003 Added a recovery section to the T-22 pages and started documenting that part of the process.
Added the text of my response to ATF NPRM 968 to the regulations pages.
20 May 2003 Updated the T-22 construction page again. Major assembly is complete and I am adding the final reinforcing fiberglass to the fins.
12 May 2003 Updated the T-22 construction page. I have started epoxying parts together!
6 May 2003 Started the construction section for the T-22 Assault Breaker Level III bird.
15 Apr 2003 Added info on CPSC banned hazardous substances to the regulations page.
2 Apr 2003 Added a picture of my 4" model of the T-22 Assaultbreaker flying on an I218 as background.
5 Mar 2003 Added a page giving my viewpoint on the BATFE regulatory flap.
6 Dec 2002 Added page for altimeter project which only has the safe and arm circuit for now.
1 Nov 2002 Added flight data for Sept. flight of PAC-3. Added compressed archive of raw flight data. New notes on altimeter project.
5 Oct 2002 Added notes to R&D page on code for PIC and arrival of hardware.
3 Sep. 2002 Added link to prototype PIC16 code for pressure measurement only filter.
25 Aug 2002 Updated data plots for 10/27/2001 and 11/17/2001 flights of the PAC-3. Reprocessed using latest Kalman filter.
25 Aug 2002 Added notes to R&D pages on Kalman filter and PIC code.