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To refresh the video attributes of the Progress browser (no database access): hBrowse:DOWN = hBrowse:DOWN
To collapse the normal space betwen elements in a frame: space(0)
It is possible to disable triggers in a dynamic buffer using the methods DISABLE-LOAD-TRIGGERS and DISABLE-DUMP-TRIGGERS. The format is:
GOTCHA! - CAN-DO cannot handle # as the first character.
GOTCHA! - PROCESS EVENTS does not work for dialog boxes.
"Code Calcification" -- the tendency for 'legacy' code to become 'set in stone' because everyone is afraid to modify it.
"Code Condensation" -- the multistep, iterative process of simplifying code.
Progress Code Changer  Includes "beautify" function.
Protop  Progress monitering via VST's  Projax  Progress and Ajax
BC PUG  British Columbia Progress Users Group
ODBC FAQ  Geoff Crawford
i18n Startup Parameters  Tex Texin
Progress Startup Parameters by Version  George Potemkin (broken link)
Progress HTML Schemas  TDK Consulting
Progress reference to Windows API  (Global Shared)
ExcelHowto  (Global Shared)
ProgressToPDF  (Global Shared)
Progress DateTime workaround  Rich Uchytil
Replication Scripts for Unix  Dmitri Levin's After Imaging scripts

Other Progress Tips  
Progress Version Number Cross Reference (courtesy of George Potemkin)
9.1D05  9126
9.1D/01 9118
9.1C18  9060 kbase P4818
9.1C     9056
9.1B0X  9052 issue #20010328-013
9.1B     9050
9.1A22  9049
8.3E     8308
8.3D     8307
8.2C     8205
7.3C02  7341 issue #95-12-14-044
7.3C    7332

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