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20040127 GOOD NEWS!  "Judge Torpedoes Dead Inventor's Patent Claims"

Al Gore is not the only one to claim the Internet -- Here are more examples, characterized by abuse of the patent system ... "Hall of Shame"

Patent Prescription  A radical cure for the ailing U.S. patent system (20041209)
FFII: Software Patents in Europe
The software patent mess keeps growing (20041201)
Multiple Evils Noted on a Single Page
International e-commerce is patented. (No, really!)  "Patent nuisance travels across the Tasman"
Fight the Patent  People organizing to defeat the patent mentioned in the previous line.
SBC claims site buttons!
Acacia Research  "All the methods we have looked at for streaming audio and video over the Internet are covered by our patents."
[patent 5,933,841] Didn't we get rid of this problem when BT lost their case?
Stand UP against 1-click and other nonsensical patents
6,525,747 -- "Method and system for conducting a discussion relating to an item" filed February 25, 2003
Every E-Commerce Site is Threatened  [PANIP CASE]
Nightmare on E-commerce Street  [PANIP CASE]
Patents out of control? (USA Today 20040113)  [PANIP CASE]
5,715,314 -- "Network sales system" filed October 24, 1994
5,724,424 -- "Digital active advertising" filed November 29, 1995

Patents were not meant to prevent obvious uses of technology. Read and decide. Then I urge you to help.  (See NoPatentAbuse.com for more information.)  For silly patents, see Patently Silly
Snap, Crackle ... Patents -- In These Times  The expansion of Intellectual Property

Likelihood of Confusion by Ron Coleman  Intellectual Property weblog
Patently-O: Patent Law Blog  Patent Troll Tracker  

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