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Dar al hayat  Saudi Arabia
News Blaze  
The Long War Journal  
Arts & Letters Daily  "ideas, criticism, debate"

Ha'aretz Daily  Moderate to left coverage
Newsmap   Digg  technology news
Topix.net  Find targeted news on the Internet
Association of Alternative Newsweeklies  North American newsweeklies
American Newsreel  "All the News That Fits"

[List courtesy of Anil Kumar]
Regional news sources:
Al-Ahram Newspaper in Cairo, Egypt, with weekly edition in English.
An-Nahar Daily in Beirut, Lebanon.
The Daily Star Beirut-based newspaper.
The Jerusalem Post Israeli paper.
The Times of India Widely read English-language daily.
Outlook India Online component to weekly newsmagazine.
Dawn English paper based in Karachi, Pakistan.
Al-Bawaba Middle East information portal covering 21 Arabic countries or territory,
mostly rewriting reports from other news sources. Operates out of Amman, Jordan, and London.
Afghanistan Online U.S.-based collection of Afghan news items and official statements from around the world.
Payam-e-Mujahid Pro-northern alliance weekly newspaper published inside Afghanistan. Limited English content.
Western news sources outside the United States:
British Broadcasting Corp.
The Guardian British newspaper.
Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
International Herald Tribune Based in Paris.

Newspaper portals:

Misc. US News Sites

Daily Telegraph (London)
Asia Times (Hong Kong)
Mainichi Daily News (Japan)
New Zealand Herald
Aceh Post   Aceh province of Indonesia
Middle East Media Research Institute
History of Israel, from 1850-present
The Russia Journal
YouGov  British polling
Project Syndicate  "An Association Of Newspapers Around The World"
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Expatica   News in English, living in, moving to, working in Europe - Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain
Don't forget the bloggers  - including newsalert
The Oil Drum  Peak Oil believers
Petroleum News  Alaska
Baker Hughes Rig Counts  Oil
Oil Online Rig Counts  
WTRG Economics -OPEC, crude oil, natural gas  
Breitbart.com  Just the news ...
Mosnews.com  Moscow and Russian News
BoingBoing   A Directory of Wonderful Things
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