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Iraq Blog Count  203 blogs listed as of June 6, 2006

Iraq The Model  

Acute Politics  Just another star among the growing constellation of milblogs

Iraq Pundit  Observations of an Iraqi exile

Michael Yon : Online Magazine  

The Long War Journal  

Stryker Brigade News  Dedicated to news and information about the Stryker Brigade Combat Team - Ft. Lewis, WA (3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division)

Iraq Now  News and Commentary from Jason Van Steenwyk, the Nattering Nabob of Nebuchadnezzar

Iraqi Bloggers Central  Blogs of War  

The Messopotamian   To Bring One More Iraqi Voice Of The Silent Majority To The Attention Of The World
Belmont Club  History and history in the making
Belmont Club old site  


Neurotic Iraqi Wife  

Healing Iraq  Daily news and comments on the situation in post Saddam Iraq

Iraq & Iraqi`s  Short Articles about the Mentality of Iraqi`s (no posts since March 03, 2005)

Hammorabi  Misinformed / pessimistic

Salam Pax  1st Blogger from Baghdad

A Family in Baghdad  Depressing -- mother: fayza, sons: raed, khaled and majed writing down their diaries. Father: azzam is not interested.

Raed in the Middle  Raed (Salam Pax' friend; son of fayza) demonstrates ignorance and hatred of America.
Chief Wiggles -- Straight from Iraq  3rd Blogger from Baghdad   Old Site  

Baghdadee  Iraqi message board

Baghdad Burning  anti-American

Live From Dallas  An Iraqi In America [Fayrouz]

The Command Post  A Warblog Collective

Friends of Democracy - Iraq Election News  

Iraq at a glance  Stories and news from Iraq after the liberation

No End But Victory  (dormant)

G. in baghdad  2nd Blogger from Baghdad (dormant since Saturday, September 20, 2003)

Spirit of America  

Other Middle East Bloggers:
The Big Pharaoh  (Old site)

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