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"Pure PC Performance"
DSL Security Scan
Gibson Research Corporation (Shields UP Security Scan)
Cable/DSL Security Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Giganews newsgroups download speed (download only)
Speedtest dot Net   (picks a nearby server)
bandwidthplace Speedtest   (timestamped results)
DSL Reports Speedtest   (graphic or text results)
WUGNET Speedtest   (comparison graph)
Broadband speedchecker   (better with IE)
bandwidth.com Speedtest   (fatal error at conclusion)

SecurityFocus Online
What's that site running?
Fortify for Netscape - SSL Encryption Check

DNS Stuff  Open Port Check Tool  FTP Test Tool
WhatIsMyIP.com     IP Address Locator     PortForward    
Internet Traffic Report
SPAM Related
Sam Spade   Reverse DNS Lookup
OSIRUSoft   DNSBL (blacklist) Lookup for IP Address or rdns domain name
Mail-Abuse   MAPS Lookup
Spews   Spam Prevention Early Warning System
Hack In The Box   "Keeping Knowledge Free"
GeektoolsWhois, etc.
Windows startup processes  Configuration tips  Free Windows Power Toys  many links
Speed up Firefox  Configuration tips
Firefox Tuning  Tuning tips
Firefox User Agent Switcher  Firefox extension

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