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Pajamas Media  InstaPundit  Iraq Bloggers
Power Line
Outside the Beltway
Belmont Club  History and history in the making
Clayton Cramer  a conservative with libertarian sympathies
Tom G. Palmer  libertarian
Redstate  Republican
Slugger O'Toole  Northern Ireland
ˇNo Pasarán!  new home of Merde in France
The Technology Liberation Front  
Johnny Dollar's Place  ... the truth about the Fox News Channel
SISU  Sissy Willis  (Lots of cats)
Roger L. Simon  Mystery Novelist and Screenwriter
Texas Rainmaker    
Jotwell - The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)  eclectic 
Likelihood of Confusion by Ron Coleman  Intellectual Property
Cultural Imperialist  
cobb, the blog  michael david cobb bowen
Rantburg Civil, well-reasoned discourse/Raw meat for the mind
The Volokh Conspiracy  Group blog headed by professor Eugene Volokh
HillBuzz  Left the Left in 2008
Intellectual Conservative  Conservative Politics and Philosophy
Sister Toldjah  
Columbia Journalism Review  Pressures everyone 
IsraPundit  "Israel news and commentary"
Future of Freedom Foundation blogs  
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog  Science, Policy, Politics
Monachus Lex   Second Amendment issues
Strategy Page  Military
BlackFive  military
Chicago Boyz  
Defense Tech  The future of the military, law enforcement, and national security.
The Reference Frame  Physics 
Jeff  self-hating homocon -- a gay gun-nut in Vermont
Daimnation!  Alerts to hate talk
SCOTUSblog  Supreme Courts Of The United States
CARPE DIEM  Mark J. Perry's Blog for Economics and Finance
The American Mind  Politics and Sports
Arts & Letters Daily  ideas, criticism, debate
Global Voices Online
Reflections of a Newsosaur  leftist

Technical Bloggers:
Marketing Shift  Internet Marketing Technology
Doc Searls  The Doc Searls Weblog
The View Through The Windshield  Joe Sherlock
Dan Bricklin  Dan Bricklin's Log
Dave Winer  Scripting News
Dare Obasanjo  aka Carnage4Life [MSDN]
Jon Udell  Jon's Radio
TechMeme  Tech aggregator
Tim Bray  ongoing
ValleyWag  tech gossip rag

Not Bloggers -- Interesting Nontheless:
Operation Iraqi Freedom  Multi-National Force - Iraq official web site
Iraq Reconstruction Task Force  
US Army Corps of Engineers  
Center of Excellence DMHA  Iraq Crisis Report
Victory Caucus  ... perspectives and news on the war effort ...
Steve Sailer  a citizenist and a realist
Mark Steyn  The One-Man Global Content Provider
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
Article of Interest: The Immutable Laws of Maureen Dowd
Alistair Maclean  Computing and Defense
TradeStats Express  US trade data
Technorati: Link Cosmos  track interconnecting links between blogs
The Truth Laid Bear: The Blogosphere Ecosystem
Keath Milligan  Austin, TX
Tongue Tied  Skewering Political Correctness
CalNews  News, Politics & More (California)

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