Grandfather Clock Radio

I just finished restoring a ~1930 Bulova grandfather clock radio model M-781.  This particular cabinet was "gutted" some time ago so I had to restore the face and inside shelf to mount the 5 tube superheterodyne radio.  The clock uses a Hammond synchronous motor and has settings for the radio on and off times.  These Hammond motors were not self-starting so there is a small knob below the hands that you "spin to start" the clock.  I found it ironic that this Bulova clock used a Hammond motor.

The motor was inoperative and needed repair.  The motor is inside a ~2" diameter metal housing and is solder sealed.  The motor is filled with Hammond oil which will either harden or leak out.  Find the solder spot on the side and carefully unsolder the filling hole.  My motor had a small plug in it.  Make sure that no solder drips inside the hole which will destroy the motor.  I flushed the old oil out with WD-40 and then refilled the motor with a hypodermic needle.  Carefully resolder the hole to seal the motor and clean the outside of the case.  Your Hammond motor should work for another 50+ years!