A Semi-Tropical Fruit

Cherimoya is a delicious fruit which originated in Peru and Ecuador.  Cherimoya (cheer-i-MOY-a) is fragrant and sweet and tastes a bit like a mix of pineapple, peach, and banana.  It has a soft green skin, and a white pulpy inside with black seeds. It's available between November and May.

Cherimoya is a semi-tropical fruit, and as such cannot tolerate frost. It grows only on certain Southern California hillsides.  Cherimoya flowers must be pollinated by hand;

Cherimoya is
"Deliciousness itself."
                Mark Twain

bees don't fit in the receptive flowers. Pollen is collected from the male flowers and is manually placed in receptive flowers. This is time consuming and laborious, but is necessary for commercial quality and yields.

Fruit are harvested weekly between November and May.  Mature fruit turn slightly yellow, showing they have filled with natural sugars and flavors.  Cherimoya ripen seven to ten days after picking.

Cherimoya is well known in Latin America and Asia, but is just becoming known in the USA.  It is widely known and sought in Latino and Asian communities, such as Vietnamese, Philipino, and Chinese.  The major varieties produced in California are White, Bays, Pierce, and Booth.  Condor Growers produces primarily Bays, White, Pierce, and Carmela, a variety we developed. No single variety dominates the cherimoya market.

Condor Growers has been a major producer of cherimoya for 20 years.  It is consumed primarily in Southern California, and more is being distributed elsewhere, such as New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.  Condor Growers is interested in developing export sales.

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