Condor Growers

Condor Growers is a private grower of specialty agricultural products.  Located in Ventura County, California, we produce primarily cherimoya and ornamental eucalyptus.

Cherimoya is a delicious semi-tropical fruit.

In the United States, it is grown only in Southern California.  Condor Growers is one of the largest growers of this specialty fruit.  Click on Cherimoya for information about this wonderful fruit, and for information on sales.

Ornamental eucalyptus is an attractive foliage used in fresh and in preserved floral arrangements.  Condor Growers is a grows and preserves this eucalyptus in its Bolivian subsidiary.  We produce the highest quality available.  Click on Eucalyptus for a description of our products and sales.

Contact Condor Growers
Or reach us by phone at (800) 331-4442 or (805) 386-4217.
Reach us by fax at (805) 386-1205.