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On this page we have photos of our wonderful horses. The following horses have been sold: Brandy, Blaze, Artista and Box C Wimpy Psylocke (Foxy).
Ebonys "Dakota" Arrow was sold to a wonderful family in Garner, NC. He is doing great and will be ready to start riding this year.
Ebony's Q-Ton Iceman was sold to Rev. Tracey Frink in NC and will be trained for barrel racing.
April gave birth to her first filly in 2008, Ebony's Q-Ton Lacy Doll. Dixie gave birth to a huge black and white colt, Ebony's Q-Ton Romeo. We have decided to keep both of our 2008 foals and they will begin their show career in April 2009!

Here is April. Her new registered name is
Zippos AprilSonnyPoco.
Her bloodlines include some of the best!
Zippo Pine Bar, Sonny Dee Bar, Poco Bueno and Hank A Chief,
just to name a few!

Here is April and Dakota, her 2006 baby.

This is April's 2007 foal, Ebony's Iceman

Here is a recent photo of April, now FQHA reg!
Her unique color changes all the time.

Here is out newest exciting news about April:

ZIPPOSAPRILSONNYPOCO ~ 88.76953125% Foundation Quarter Horse



Congratulations on your horse qualifying for FQHA Registration!

April is a rare Sabino Overo with birdcatcher spots. These spots started appearing during her first pregnancy and she also began to roan at this point, age 3, and gets more and more spots all the time. She is now getting them in her mane which will cause her to grow white streaks in her mane. She is one well built mare and all of her babies will be eligible to be double registered with the APHA and the FQHA!

Here is our sweet Ebony!

This is Ebony showing off after his bath.

Ebony is not your typical Stallion. He is very calm and gentle. I have actually used him for teaching people to ride, ranging in age from 5 to 55. I have also taken him on a weekend camping trips. One was at Little River Trails. The following year we went to Lumber River State Park. He finally learned to cross water by the end of the first day. We had lots of fun! He is also registered in the Ride America program through the APHA and is going through some training for running barrels.

Meet Ebony's Lacy Doll. She was born on Feb. 02, 2008. Yet another beauty from April and Ebony. This is one special little lady. She has "True Blue Eyes", a very rare color. You cannot distinguish the iris from the pupil unless the light is shining in her eyes. They are a deep royal blue and can sometimes almost appear a hazel tinted blue, depending on the light source.

One day old and jumping already!
She cleared about 4 feet!

Here is my Lacy now! At 12 months old
She is a beautiful little tank!

Here is Artista, our Paso Fino.

Isn't he a handsome little guy!

Artista was John's horse. He went looking for a smaller horse, one that didn't have as far to the ground as a bigger one... and he became enchanted with the gait of the Paso.
Luckily we found him at another stable where we had to move Ebony to before the barn was finished. The owner of the stable, Carolyn Hornbeck, is also a trainer in Raeford, NC.  John ended up buying Artista and he came home with  Ebony when the barn was finally finished!
**UPDATE** Artista has been sold to  loving family in Pittsboro, NC, where he is having lots of fun with their other Paso Fino. Good luck!

Look at Dakota now!
What a cutie and look at that nice butt!

Meet Black Kitty Kat from South Dakota
We call her Dixie. Here she is with Blue, our newest mare.

Here is Dixie's colt from 2008.
Chico was born a very large foal!

Dixie with Chico at 10 months old!
He will definately pass his parents up in size!

Here is "Foxy Lady" !

This is Box C Wimpy Psylocke
More lovingly known as Foxy Lady.

This picture was taken on the day she came to her new home. That was in January of 2005. She is the mother of Rebel, now known as Guaranteed Investment. Please see our links page to go to the website of his new owners: Kavanaugh Performance Horses.
Foxy now belongs to a couple in Godwin, NC at Triple B Farms.

Here is Rebel at 9 months old.
This was taken the day before his first show.

Introducing Promote A Lady!
Her sire is The Promoter! She is bred to a stallion in WI

This is one BIG beautiful mare. Her name is Promote A Lady, a daughter of the famous "The Promoter" out of "The Invester" who is in the NSBA Hall of Fame. Lady is 16.2 hands tall and was bred to a stallion in WI named Imaginary Lover. He is a sorrel and white paint reg. with the APHA. Lady is an Apendix QH mare and she is eligible for 3 futurities. She is one special Lady!
See below for pictures of her gorgeous filly!

This is Precious.
Her reg. name is Promoters Cocoa Lady.

Precious is now almost 19 months old. She is for sale. We first thought she would grow to be as tall as her dam, 16 hands. We are not sure she will get quite that tall, but man is she a stout horse! She has a really nice set of hips! I think she has the potential to be a great barrel horse. If she takes to it like her mother did, she will be hard to beat!
Her color is Rabicano, meaning that she has the white roaning around her midsection, as well as banding across her tail head. Her mane has turned the most beautiful flaxen color and is very silky. This filly is very well put together and has the potential to go in any direction!

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