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The Dragon's Egg is the rehearsal space recently built by the Mystic Paper Beasts Theatre Company. It is a freestanding, hexagonal building sited at the end of a tree encircled field in the countryside of Ledyard, Ct. The studio space measures 2,000 square feet. The floor is a sprung floor with subfloor heating. An additional 1200 sq. ft. comprises the living, changing, shower space. There are available a television/vcr, an upright piano, a rice cooker, coffee maker, small refrigerator, and two swings. 

The Beasts use the space for their own rehearsal and training. Marya also teaches weekly yoga classes in the space, year round (click on yoga button on home page), and the Beasts occasionally offer public workshops in mask and 

The Dragon's Egg is also available for short term workshops for which the presenter charges a fee. In this case the Beasts collect $10 per hour or 15% of the collected fee, whichever is higher, or per negotiation. The subject of such workshops must be in the field of the performing arts, or of practices 
that might support the health and well being of the performing artist. 
Potential presenters must submit a proposal, as above, describing the nature and intent of the activity, the qualifications of the presenter, the desired time slot, the fee to be charged, the minimum/maximum number of participants, and proof of liability insurance. The proposal is submitted to the Board, who retain the right to accept or reject any proposal without identifying a reason for  their decision. 


Proposals for the use of the space should include a description of the 

purpose of the retreat, a brief curriculum vitae of the applying artist, the time period and ideal dates involved. This proposal is then reviewed by the Board of the Mystic Paper Beasts, who reserve the right to refuse or grant proposals without giving any reason for their decision .

The artist is then required to provide a certificate of liability insurance for the group involved in the project. The living facilities at the Egg are minimal. Sleeping bags are required. The participating artists are expected to abide by various maintenance guidelines, and to leave the space clean and  completely empty upon their departure. 

We welcome applications. Please address these to 

The Mystic Paper Beasts 

attn. Marya 

8 Hancox Street 

Stonington, Ct. 06378 

To submit applications and email Marya click here