Yours, Daniel
Look for the Ruby Slippers

(A response to the attacks on America on September 11, 2001C)

Our house has dropped out of the sky and killed. Do not despair. Look for the ruby slippers.

You will find yourself in a very strange place, with strange people whispering in the shadows. Do not be scared: they are as afraid of you as you are of them. There is a good witch somewhere around. Listen for instructions.

You will find yourself being told to go on a road, the like of which you've never seen, along a mysterious route to an unknown end. Do not be scared: you will find what you need along the way. You are enough to take the trip.

Along that way to that mythic shining city on a hill you will encounter people who seem to have no brains, who seem to have no heart, who act in cowardly ways even though they huff and puff really quite a lot. Invite them along the golden road. Do not let them cow you into submission, nor attempt to lord over them. Insist on equality and keep toward your goal. Dance: it overcomes trepidation.

You will reach a city of green with multi-colored inhabitants. Do not judge: delight. do not rush through intent on getting what you came for: enjoy. Share.

You will walk a long way down impressive corridors to a wizard with lots of smoke and light who everyone says has the answers. Do not be frightened. Listen for his truth. Be ready to speak yours, even though your knees shake.

You will find he is really a small man lonely in his big house of power. Do not despair. He is enough. Convince him to rely on his real abilities instead of impressive nonsense.

You will think you have met failure. Do not despair. Keep looking. Look closer to yourself.

You will find the heartless, brainless and cowardly violent did in fact always have that which is needed -- the wizard too -- the simple human qualities (which is odd, considering one is made of straw, another hard as metal, another wholly animal, another both young and female, which is supposed to mean weak, and the last a con man). Do not despair. Humanity brings us closer to success. So does a diverse portfolio.

You will still feel lost. You will still feel homeless.

Do not despair. The answer will come. You may have been standing in them the whole time.

You may feel like a fool.

Do not despair. The journey was necessary. You will get home. You will awaken. You will look around at those you never knew you loved so much and say, "Auntie Em! Auntie Em! I had a dream today!"

They may not believe you. They may scoff or ridicule. Do not despair. Reach down deep to the truth of your experience and say, "I have BEEN to the MOUNtaintop!" (Because oh YES, the Revered Dr. Martin Luther King is IN this HOUSE!)

They may be scared of you. Do not despair. Laugh in Revealed Joy. They may not understand but they will experience your joy and their love of you. Remember: they may have to go on a journey too before they get it. Maybe you are their guide. Maybe they are yours. maybe you will go hand-in-hand.

For your journeys, Friends, bring along good humor. Gaiety gets us through tough spots. Remember what you know from experience and never ever believe that you know what's going to happen next.