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On a lonely road deep in the rural south, Brian and Karen finally stop at the gate of a lonely old Mansion. They have had to leave their car up the road and walk the remaining miles to the old gate.

"This must be it. It's the only place around here for miles it seems. Boy! when Lynn ask us to come down here for the weekend, cause she was lonesome, I had no idea she had reason to be. And I wonder where she is? Didn't she say she would meet us at the gate? What a time for the car to stop running.Hope we can find Lynn before it gets dark," said Brian.

"She probably just got caught up with the guests and is running a little late. Well, come along it is getting darker by the minute", she added.

"The ole' place should be over that way I think. Hope they have a good cook on staff, don't know about you, but I'm hungry", said Brian. "I had no idea this place was so deserted", remarked Karen with a worried look on her face. "Hey! The gate seems to be opening!", exclaimed Brian.

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