Did You Ever Wonder....

  • ...why GOD hasn't chosen sides in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and other such places? More importantly, have THEY wondered why?

  • ...if atheists get the "Acts of God" clause removed from their insurance policies?

  • to construct a sentence including "illegitimate", "abortion", and "children"?

  • ...about the sex lives of those dictator/tyrants? There has to be more to it than jerking off a few shots from their weapon in front of thousands of cheering voyeurs and TV cameras. Then again, most of the "men" in the crowd do seem to get highly aroused!

  • ...why lawyers are allowed to write the laws. On the surface it seems logical but isn't there a conflict of intrest?

  • ...if the dissolution of the evil Soviet Empire wasn't the ultimate communist plot? They may have come up with the most devious, sinister way to destroy the capitalist, free-market economies. JOIN THEM! 

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