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"JAYA GURU DEVI - Devi is a Sanskrit word meaning Mother Goddess, Divine Energy. The ever-expanding expression of the Absolute is called Devi, the cosmic energy. All yoga practice (sadhana) culminates in awakening this energy (kundalini) for the purpose of realizing a higher state of consciousness. In the eternal dance of energy (Shakti) and consciousness (Shiva), this sacred energy awakens and consciousness expands. One begins to flow from the heart, living by higher knowledge, filled with blissful joy" -Kaliji
Yoga Class Schedule
 Winter 2016
Drop in fee is $7 per class

Inclement weather policy: if Kettering Public Schools are closed or delayed, Laurel's morning yoga classes will be cancelled. Evening classes will meet as scheduled unless a cancellation is posted here.

Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living 
Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living 
7-9pm class
Center for Spiritual Living
David's Church

Center for Spiritual Living


Upcoming Events
3rd Saturday Matri Satsang of Anandamayi Ma

Saturday February 20th, 2016, from 7-9 pm

Center For Spiritual Living,  Sanctuary

4100 Benfield Dr. Kettering 

Jai Ma! In our third Saturday Satsangs we'll be meeting to invoke and learn about the blissful Indian saint; Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982). Ma's consciousness was completely merged in the Divine (Parabrahman) - the state of non-duality which manifests in each individual as his or her Atman (True Self). In this sense Ma would sometimes say to people that she was their Atman. To be in her presence was to become intensely aware of one's indwelling divinity. Ma is Laurel's guru with whom the majority of 3 years in India were spent between 1977, until Ma's mahasamadhi in 1982. We'll do yogic practices of kirtan (chant), meditation, hear stories about Ma & contemplate Ma's words and teachings. Come and share the joy! Satsang translates as gathering in Truth. Matri is Mother. $5 donation appreciated.
First Saturday Kirtan; Shivaratri
Saturday, March 5th, 2016 From 7- 9pm
Center for Spiritual Living Sanctuary
We'll be celebrating Shivaratri an annual vigil of purification and joyful union with the formless Divine. The great night of Shiva. Shiva represents primordial energy. We'll chant Shiva mantras and meditate to elevate ourselves and the world, flooding ourselves with positive energy. A natural extension of yoga practice, chanting quiets the mind & opens the heart. No prior experience needed. 
Chant sheets are provided, making the chants easy to learn. 
$5 donation appreciated.
No 3rd Saturday Matri Satsang on March 19th,
because it's the "Shankar Dayville" Yoga Retreat Day.
The next Matri Satsang will be Sat., April16th.

~  S H A N K A R A  ~

"The Voice of Advaita Vedanta"

A Yoga Day Retreat with Laurel, Dan & Friends

Saturday March 19th, 2016

Center for Spiritual Living; in the Sanctuary

4100 Benfield Dr. in Kettering Ohio

12:30 to 5:30 pm - cost is $35

Registration has begun. See upcoming events page for more details about this event.

There will be no 3rd Sat. Satsang March 19th.


David's United
Church of Christ


170 W David Rd in Kettering, 45429 
(Corner of W David & Mad River; park in rear, enter east door to Fellowship Hall)

Center for
Spiritual Living

4100 Benfield Dr in Kettering, 45429
One block west of Marshall on south side of Stroop. 
The yoga classes and 3rd Saturday Satsangs meet in the Community Room at the back of the Center. Follow the hallway past the bookstore and children's rooms and it will lead you directly into the Community Room. First Saturday Kirtan, Special Holiday Yoga Classes and Dayville Yoga Retreats meet in the Sanctuary at the front of the building. The Sanctuary is to your right as you enter the Center.

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