Regarding yoga classes with Laurel...

"Not a day goes by that one of your spiritual teachings doesn’t help me in some way. 

Plus, you are fun!"   - Jenny P

"Words can’t express my gratitude for what I’ve already experienced with your guidance. Participating in your classes is truly God furthering my life’s journey. I’m so happy to have found you."  - Rita R

"Have loved the classes with the chakras. They have been amazing."  - Cynthia R

"Thank you for all of your enrichment and beautiful  teaching in my life."  - Elaine

"Just wanted to say thank you for class last night, it was really wonderful. It is a true blessing to connect with those who help to lead us to the Truth. Such a wonderful way to end the day. 

And as always, the practice provides each of us,  different as we may be, 

with just what we need."    - Dianna M

"Thank you for the gift of acceptance you give each one of us no matter how broken we come to you. This gift allows the most exquisite healing one could imagine." - Chema

The Vedanta (discourse) was lovely and helpful as was the (discourse on) Buddhist self compassion.  The breath of life that comes through these teachings 

is quite simply you, my dear." - Jane V

"I am so grateful to you, Laurel. I so appreciate your dedication, your life, and your ability to teach me. A thousand flowers, a thousand smiles, a thousand blessings from my heart."   -Teresa R

"I attended on Tuesday, and it was just the most terrific experience.  Your class fits so much of what I have been looking for.  I feel so fortunate to have heard about you and your classes."  - Carmen

"Thank you for all of the joy, blessings & inspiration that you have given us."  - P & J

"I am so enjoying myself and experiencing a greater sense of peace and happiness since attending your classes" -TD

Regarding workshops & retreats with Laurel & Dan...

"We are so blessed that you have come into our lives. As the saying goes, 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears.' OM shanti OM." - Margaret & Sara

"Thanks so much for a great retreat! It was wonderful! You give so much to your students." - Kim

"Thank you so much for your help and guidance. Your classes and especially the retreat have been invaluable in my journey. God bless you!"    - Lauren F

"I loved the unity of our group; such caring people. 

What a fantastic community to be a part of!" - Lynn L

"Thanks so much for a wonderful retreat. Joyce and I talk about how meaningful it is and how we touch something sacred when we go to yoga. Jaya Guru Devi!"  - Janice & Joyce

"Thanks to both of you... a perfectly orchestrated, much needed workshop... I am grateful for a very joyous & healing time."  -Angela

"I had a great time at the yoga retreat. It's fun to see what energy develops over the course of the weekend! Thanks for all the effort you both put into making it perfect."  -  RM

"Thank you both for your ever present commitment to be "awake"! It's a constant reminder of my true nature & the simplicity that "love" is the answer." You make it fun & clear & always from the heart. With gratitude."  -  J & M

"Thank you for the invitation to bliss & the tools for the path. Thanks for always being there."  - GH

"Thank you for the wonderful retreat day ashram experience you provided. It really felt like an ashram. Thanks for bringing a bit of India here to Dayton."  - CL

"Thank you so much for the lovely yoga retreat Saturday. We are richly blessed by your ongoing presence and light in our community. Your hard work, dedication, preparation, and devotion are deeply acknowledged and appreciated." - LO

Regarding Yoga of Chant (kirtan & satsang) with Laurel & Dan...

"What a beautiful and uplifting Kirtan last night. I can’t tell you how clear minded, calm and cleansed that I feel this morning."  - Roger S

"At Kirtan, I felt . .absolutely carried away into bliss. I am grateful to you both for sharing your skill, depth of devotion, & clarity."  - Karen J

"Ram kirtan was wonderful last night! Thank you for a great evening." - J C

"(Kirtan) last evening was a 'feel good time' for me."    - Pat

"This is a wonderful mix of music, meditation, & devotion."  -Scott P

"Oh boy. Last night was just divine. The music just flowed so beautifully. The connection between all of us was so warm and cozy. Kirtan and Satsang is such a meaningful part of our lives. It's amazing to witness how it lifts the mind, opens the heart, and clears the spirit. Thank you"  - Janaki

"Thank you for a wonderful celebration (Shivaratri) last night! 

I feel great in so many ways." - SW

"Shivaratri was amazingly powerful & I left with a sense of completion & contentment that I have not felt in a very long time." - MM

"I wanted to thank you both for another wonderful event (Shivaratri) on this journey towards our true Selves." -  MB

"Thank you for a Shiva Shakti filled evening (Shivaratri) of bliss, laughter & community based spirituality super saturated with Divine Love. It was a night I will always sweetly hold in my memory." - KB


Last night was so lovely, so many diamond day moments;

Climbing up my chakras one by one, seeing each image so clearly,

Perceptually building my sushumna structure in a pristine condition

Allowing healing from the subtle down to the physical.

Singing “Sri Ram”, swaying back and forth, 

From the men to the women . . what a blissful state!

Carrying me away to a place of unsurpassable beauty,

Laying that ever so gently over the broken hearts 

Of our Haitian brothers and sisters.

And then letting Kali bubble up within me, 

Reminding me over and over to let go . .

. . of the seriousness,

To let go . . to let go . . until . . 

Well, you know. . . 

. . . ahhhh . . . 

by Jane “Chema” Visbal 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

(reprinted by permission of the author)

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