I have studied and taught hatha yoga since 1974, and have learned from many wonderful teachers in the U.S. and in India. I regard hatha yoga practice as "prayer with the body", as a purification of body and mind that leads to our Awakening. My intention for myself and my students is to "go deeper" and experience our essential and radiant nature, to live in yogic union with our Divine Self, our Source.



Upon meeting Kaliji in 1992, I felt that I had encountered in her teachings of TriYoga®, an authentic form of Hatha Yoga. TriYoga is a method founded by Kaliji that unites dynamic and sustained asana with pranayama and mudra. Guided by kriyavati (kundalini- inspired yoga) as it flows through Kaliji, TriYoga is in the tradition of ancient yoga and results in a heightened flow of prana. This inspired method of increasing prana harmonizes body, breath and mind. It renders the bodymind a fit instrument for life and meditation.This trinity practice is meditative, and promotes deep relaxation & inner peace. The practice can be as gentle or as challenging as desired, resulting in physical, mental, and spiritual benefit as prana (life energy) flows & transforms the practitioner.



Each class is a unique experience. Classes usually begin with an easy sanskrit chant which contributes to mental peace and focus. This is a prelude to the breathing practices, yogic teachings, postures, and posture flows. A guided deep relaxation (yoganidra), a guided meditation, and a closing chant conclude the class.



Namaste' "I honor the light within you"

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