Y O G A  o f  C H A N T

"It wouldn't be unusual that we have many things on our mind. And so we chant to release all of that inner chatter and come back to satchitananda; truth, consciousness, bliss, our true nature" - Laurel


example of "Chamundayei" chant


We meet for kirtan (pronounced "keer' tahn") from 7 to 9 PM on the first Saturday of each month at the Center for Spiritual Living. Kirtan is a practice of devotional singing and chanting, often done in a "call and response" format, and usually in the Sanskrit language. Handouts are provided, making the chants easy to learn.



We meet for satsang (meaning "truth gathering") from 7 to 9 PM on the third Saturday of each month. Our satsang format consists of three meditations framed by three traditional chants. 

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