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"JAYA GURU DEVI - Devi is a Sanskrit word meaning Mother Goddess, Divine Energy. The ever-expanding expression of the Absolute is called Devi, the cosmic energy. All yoga practice (sadhana) culminates in awakening this energy (kundalini) for the purpose of realizing a higher state of consciousness. In the eternal dance of energy (Shakti) and consciousness (Shiva), this sacred energy awakens and consciousness expands. One begins to flow from the heart, living by higher knowledge, filled with blissful joy" -Kaliji
Yoga Class Schedule
Summer 2014
Drop in fee is $7 per class

Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living 
Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living 
7-9pm class
Center for Spiritual Living
David's Church

Center for Spiritual Living


Upcoming Events

~ First Saturday Kirtan ~

Saturday August 2nd,  from 7- 9 pm

 Center for Spiritual Living

4100 Benfield Dr. Kettering 

We'll be focusing on chants of Anandamayi Ma / The  Blissful Mother (1896-1982).  Ma did not write or lecture. She merely lived in the divine presence, moment to moment. Ma declared "The whole world is this body's home." Ma's greatest contribution was not what she did or said, but what she was. Laurel went to India in 1977 to be with Ma and spent the majority of 3 trips and 3 years in India with Anandamayi Ma. 

Chanting quiets the mind and opens the heart. Join us for an 

inspiring evening of sacred practices to awaken prana and connect with our radiant Selves through 

chant, meditation & stories about Ma. Chant sheets are provided, making the chants easy to learn.

 $5 donation appreciated.




~ Third Saturday Satsang  ~
Saturday  August 16th,  from 7 to 9PM 
(No 3rd Saturday Satsang in July)

Center For Spiritual Living 

4100 Benfield Dr. Kettering

Satsang translates as gathering in Truth. Our satsangs include a focus on great sages of India. 

Our August Satsang will focus on Sri Poonjaji (1913-1997), called Papaji by many of his students. In his quest for God, Papaji's travels led him to the sage Ramana Maharshi in Tiruvanamalai. Papaji was enlightened by Ramana. He passed this on to all who were willing to be quiet, to listen & to experience Absolute Truth. In Papaji's presence people have realized the impersonal Reality that underlies the world. He emphasized that the Self is already free & enlightened.
At satsang we do yogic practices of kirtan (chanting), meditation and contemplate wisdom teachings together.  
$5 donation appreciated
~  Swami Vishnudevananda  ~

"The Flying Swami"

A Yoga Day Retreat with Laurel, Dan & Friends

Saturday Oct. 18th, 2014 

Center for Spiritual Living

4100 Benfield Dr. in Kettering Ohio

12:30 to 5:30 pm - cost is $35

See details of retreat on the upcoming events page.

Registration has started


David's United
Church of Christ


170 W David Rd in Kettering, 45429 
(Corner of W David & Mad River; park in rear, enter east door to Fellowship Hall)

Center for
Spiritual Living

4100 Benfield Dr in Kettering, 45429
(formerly Celebration of Life Church, one block west of Marshall on south side of Stroop)

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