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149th Regiment

New York State Volunteers

The Salt Point Rangers

"The Fourth Onondaga Regiment"


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Approved Vendors

The following are approved sutlers and recommended vendors for the 149th NYSV 

"The Salt Point Rangers"

Take trust in the suppliers, sutlers and vendors we have listed here below, rest assured you will be getting high quality at a very reasonable price.

AoP Press Drill manuals.
Army Drawers Makers of period undergarments, shirts, and more.
Bent's Cookie Factory Original maker of hardtack during the Civil War.
Blockade Runner Source for Armi Sport reproduction muskets.
Bob Sullivan Press Outstanding period paper goods.
Boyd Miles Sutler Nice officers haversacks, more.
C & D Jarnagin Nice leather gear, very good gum blankets, very good quality sutler.
C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions Uniform coats, chevrons, more.
Camp Randall Quartermaster John Wedeward, maker of U.S. Army Sack Coats.
Carter & Jasper Mercantile Excellent variety of period goods.
County Cloth Charlie Childs, supplier of nice blankets, and source for patterns.
Craftsman's Apron Outstanding 19th century resource for brothers of the Craft.
Dirty Billy's Hats Nice forage caps, kepis, civilian hats.
Duvall Custom Leatherwork Nick Duvall, excellent leather goods.
E. J. Thomas Excellent overall general sutler.
Eyeglass Warehouse Vintage Civil War period eyeglasses.
Ezra Barnhouse Goods Nice selection of personal goods.
Greg Starbuck Caps Excellent caps and kepis.
L.D. Haning & Co. Tim Welch, maker of fine leather accoutrements.
Lodgewood Excellent source for original gun parts.
Mattimore Harness Excellent brogans and boots.
Morris Clothiers Todd Morris, excellent maker of period clothing.
N. J. Sekela Excellent leather goods, knapsacks, uniforms, more...
Otter Creek Tinware  John Peterson of Otter Creek makes an excellent reproduction of the coffee boiler that was carried by "Daniel Heyden" of Company E of the 149th NYSV. These boilers are available from John at a cost of $60.00 at the time of this writing. 
Regimental Colors Expertly made reproduction National and State colors. 
Regimental Quartermaster Nice entry level items, does have a line of higher quality campaigner merchandise.  Sells repro muskets as well.  Good source to get you started.
S&S Firearms Excellent source for authentic vintage gun parts and tools, insignias and more.
S&S Sutler Good overall sutler, located in Gettysburg.
Tim Allen Hats Excellent civilian hats.
T. P. & H. Trading Co. Tim Bender, excellent US Army dress hat, excellent civilian hats.
W.K. Osman Officer shoulder boards, more. 
Wambaugh, White & Co. Uniform items and more. 



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