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Getting Started

Why Become a Civil War Reenactor?

    Living history reenacting is a rapidly growing hobby. People become reenactors for many different reasons, some have Civil War ancestry, some have a great interest in our American History, but regardless of their reasons, all enjoy the experience of reliving an important time in our Nation's past. Reenactors enjoy a certain camaraderie with fellow reenactors from around the Country and even around the world. Civil War reenacting gives you the opportunity to relive "first hand" some of the actual experiences that those brave souls of the War of the Rebellion lived through, and develop a real appreciation for what they fought and for some even died for.

Civil War reenacting allows you to bring honor those brave men that helped to shape our Nation. Help keep their gallant memory alive, by helping to tell their story, lest it be FORGOTTEN.


Who Can Become a Reenactor?

    Civil War reenactors come from all walks of life. In keeping with the historical accuracy of the original 149th NYSV, if you are an able bodied and physically fit male at least 16 years of age, you may become a soldier in our ranks. Persons between the ages of 16 and 18 will need parental approval. While we are based in Syracuse, we have members from various parts of New York State, as well as several members in Canada. No experience is necessary, as we will teach you all the drills and commands and the School of the Soldier. Boys between the age of 14 and 16 who are already functionally proficient with the fife or drum may also join us as musicians. (With parental approval).


So Where Do You Reenact?

    We take part in events all over New York State, as well as in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, and more. Much of what we do takes place on the actual Hallowed Grounds of the original battlefields. We have participated in invitation only events by special request of the National Park Service and the New York State Office of Parks and Recreation. We take part in high quality campaign style immersion events, tacticals, battle reenactments, living history displays, parades, ceremonies, educational programs and more.

We usually get together once a month for an event, there is no minimum number of events that you must take part in, simply do what you can. Our group has loaner gear and equipment to help you get your feet wet and get started. Members are given an entire year to get their uniform and gear purchased.

While at events, we try live as they did, eating only period style food and rations. We do not allow sleeping bags or camp cots, or Coleman style coolers. No modern items are allowed. We encamp as they did, posting pickets and operating as an 19th century military unit. We offer you a rewarding virtual step back in time for the weekend.

Safety is paramount, all of our members are properly versed on the safe handling of muskets, and we adhere to strict rules of national sanctioning bodies.

Gettysburg Living History, Gettysburg, PA

So How Do I join?

    The 149th NYSV is ready help you get started! We can start showing you the ropes as soon as you are ready.  New recruits can fall in with us at various local events or meetings so we can meet in person and answer any questions. Simply contact us to find out when the next meeting or event is, you can also check our event schedule posted on this website. We can get you "kitted up" with loaner gear so you can quickly fall in and get a taste of what it is all about. Our experienced members can direct you to reputable places where you can purchase gear that will meet our authenticity and quality standards. 

We have a strong dedication to preserving the history of the original 149th NYSV. If you are interested in joining us in helping to keep the history and memory of the "Salt Boiler Regiment" alive, then please contact us! Click the link below for more info and to receive an enlistment package.

Contact Us!

We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Join us and help to keep the memory of the "Salt Boiler" regiment alive!

CLICK HERE for info on our authenticity & uniform requirements.

CLICK HERE for info on our approved sutlers & vendors.


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