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From The Archives

These articles were taken from original Syracuse Newspapers


ANOTHER REGIMENT TO BE ORGANIZED.- Messrs. Allen Munroe and L. W. Hall, have just returned from Albany, with permission to raise another regiment from Onondaga county, for three years or the war, and the military committee will at once take the proper steps to secure its recruiting, and to this end the Board of Supervisors will be asked to continue the bounty to the new regiment.  In case the regiment should not be completed by the third of September, the number requisite will be furnished by draft.


BOARD OF SUPERVISORS.- A meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be held at the Supervisors room, in the County Clerk’s building, next Friday afternoon, to take action on the subject of offering the same bounty to the volunteers in the 4th Onondaga regiment, as was offered to those enlisting in the Third.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/21/62)


RECRUITING FOR THE FOURTH REGIMENT.- Our young friend, C. W. Anderson, who for some time past has been connected with the law firm of Barrett & Leavenworth, has authority to recruit a company for the Fourth Onondaga Regiment, and will enter upon his duties this morning.  Mr. A. possesses the necessary tact, energy and ability for the speedy formation of a company, and will soon succeed in recruiting a body of men that will do credit to the Regiment.  Those enlisting under Captain A, will find him a competent and faithful officer, and one that cannot fail of pleasing his command.


BOUNTY.- An effort is to be made to induce the Supervisors to make another appropriation for County bounty for the Fourth Regiment.  A large number of the best citizens of the County are engaging in the work, and there is every prospect that if the bounty offered can be made as large as that paid to the Third Regiment, and in justice it can be no less, a large part of our quota can be raised, and the draft, if not wholly evaded, be very materially lightened.  Most of the leading counties and districts are continuing the County bounty.  The above is from the Standard of last evening.


FOR THE WAR.- Chas. C. Bates, of the firm of Gray & Bates, Counselors, of this city has received an authorization from the War Committee to raise a company for the Fourth Onondaga Regiment.  Mr. Bates is a popular and energetic young man, and we have no doubt will succeed in recruiting a fine company within the time prescribed for raising volunteers.  Full bounties will be paid by the United States and State Governments for all who shall enlist before the 3d of September next.  Capt. Bates’ recruiting office may be found at “Fort Sumter,” south end of Salina street bridge.  Come forward, young men, and enlist under Capt. Bates.  Let the Fourth Onondaga be filled up immediately, and avoid the draft.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/21/62)


MASS WAR MEETING!- There will be a Mass War Meeting on HANOVER SQUARE, IN SYRACUSE, To-Day, (FRIDAY,) at 4 o’clock.  It is especially requested that business stores and shops be closed before that hour and remain closed until the meeting adjourns, that all may attend and listen to HON. DANIEL S. DICKINSON, EX-GOV. SEYMOUR, GEN. B. F. BRUCE, HON. D. C. LITTLEJOHN, of Oswego, and D. J. MITCHELL, of Syracuse, who have been written to and are expected here.  The Supervisors of the County will be present.  Let us see by the closing of the places of business who are in favor of the Union and an immediate suppression of the Rebellion.  SYRACUSE, Aug. 21, 1862. GROVE LAWRENCE, AUSTIN MYRES, J. DEAN HAWLEY, In behalf of the Sen. Mil. Com.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/22/62)


ANOTHER COMPANY.- We learn that Messrs, J. Forman Wilkinson, local Superintendent of the Central Railroad, and Wm. M. Mosely, of the Mechanics Bank, have commenced recruiting a company for the new Regiment.  Their office is near the liberty pole, at the south end of Salina street bridge.  They have made pecuniary sacrifices, in order to give their services to their country, and as they are both active and energetic young men, they will no doubt succeed in recruiting a good company in a short time.  Mr. Mosely is a young man of more than ordinary tact and ability, and knows no such word as fail.  He is well known to most of our citizens, as being competent to push through anything he undertakes.  Mr. Wilkinson is also well known to our citizens, and has hosts of friends who will rally around him.  All who are desirous of enlisting will find this a crack company. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/22/62)


PROCLAMATION BY THE MAYOR.- MAYOR’S OFFICE, Aug. 21, 1862.  The Government has called for 600,000 men. In response to this call, one regiment has been raised in the county of Onondaga.  The organization of a Fourth Regiment has been commenced.  It must be filled at once or resort will be made for a draft.  The first duty for a citizen is to his country.  The work of enlistment requires the active co-operation of every loyal man.  All other objects are to be postponed when the country demands the services of its citizens.  I, therefore, as Mayor of the city of Syracuse, following the example of other cities, and in accordance with the request of many of our citizens, do hereby respectfully and earnestly recommend, that for ten days, commencing on Friday the 22d day of August inst., all stores, shops, offices and places of business within the city, be closed at four o’clock P.M., to the end that each citizen may devote a portion of each day to the work of aiding the enlistment of volunteers.  A prompt and cheerful acquiescence in this suggestion is regarded as of great importance.  CHARLES ANDREWS, Mayor.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/22/62)


COLONEL AND LIEUTENANT COLONEL OF THE NEW REGIMENT.- Major Barnum, of the 12th Regiment, who now lies wounded, at his residence on Grape Street, has been tendered the office of Colonel, in the new regiment, now being raised in this county.  The selection could not have fallen upon a better man, and when he shall be sufficiently improved to be able to come out among us, which we trust will be in a very short time, he will be the means of drawing together a large number of recruits for the speedy filling up of the regiment.  Robert McCarthy, Esq., has received the appointment of Lieutenant Colonel, and both gentlemen, we understand will accept.  The committee have done well in making these selections, and everything that can be done by energetic and straightforward men, will be accomplished by these gentlemen.  Now let the ball roll on, and fill the new regiment to overflowing within the next ten days.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/22/62)


THE WAR MEETING.- Pursuant to the call published in the daily papers of the city, and in accordance with the proclamation of Mayor Andrews, a large and enthusiastic meeting of our citizens was held at Hanover Square yesterday afternoon, to take measures for the rapid furnishing of the quota of men called for by the President.  About half past three the City Hall bell, and those of the different churches were rung, and a salute fired from Clinton Square, and very soon the people began to gather from all quarters.  At four o’clock the meeting was called to order by His Honor, Mayor Andrews.  Major Burnett, was appointed Chairman, with the usual number of Vice Presidents and Secretaries.  After a few remarks by the Chairman, D. J. Mitchell, Esq., of this city, was introduced, and made a short but eloquent speech, urging the men of Onondaga county to come forth in this the hour of their country’s need to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land.  His speech was received with frequent bursts of applause.  Calls were then made for Hon. D. C. Littlejohn, of Oswego, who made his appearance in the midst of loud cheers, and made a most stirring speech to the vast crowd, who listened with the most marked attention.- He appealed to the patriotism of the people, calling upon them to come forth in their might to assist in putting down this most wicked rebellion.  At the conclusion of Mr. Littlejohn’s speech, Gen. B. F. Bruce was called for, and made a brief but spirited speech, which had a telling effect upon the audience.  The pressure upon our columns prevents our giving even a synopsis of the speeches made by these gentlemen, but the frequent applause by the dense crowd told how forcibly they went to the hearts of the auditors.  A series of resolutions were adopted which we are unable to publish this morning, and the meeting adjourned to meet today, at the same place and time of day.  Ex-Gov. Seymour and Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson were expected to be present and address the meeting, but they did not arrive.  Dresher’s Band were present, and enlivened the occasion by some of their choicest patriotic airs, which added much to the enthusiasm.  The places of business throughout the city were very generally closed about 4 o’clock, and remained so with few exceptions during the balance of the day and evening. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/23/62)


CAPTAIN DORAN. - We see that our enterprising young friend, Mr. Jas. F. Doran, has obtained the necessary authority, and has commenced recruiting for the 4th Onondaga Regiment in a manner that cannot fail of success.  Mr. Doran has had considerable military experience, having been an active member of the Syracuse Citizens’ Corps for several years past.  He possesses the necessary qualifications for a good officer, and those enlisting in his company will find him the right man in the right place.  We wish him every success in his new undertaking.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/23/62)  


NEW RECRUITING OFFICE.- Ira B. Seymour and A. McKinstry, Jr., will open a recruiting office this morning for the Fourth Onondaga Regiment, opposite Rector’s gun shop.  They are popular and reliable men, and their prospects are flattering.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/25/62)

MAJOR COOK. - It gives us unfeigned pleasure to announce to our readers that Lieut. A.G. Cook, of the Syracuse Citizens’ Corps has been appointed to the honorable position of Major in the Fourth Onondaga Regiment.  This appointment is one of the most judicial acts of the Senatorial District Military Committee, and we heartily concur in it.  Major Cook is an excellent disciplinarian, and his long connection with the Syracuse Citizens’ Corps is sufficient of itself to call for his promotion.  Notwithstanding the doubt thrown upon his capacity by our well versed military (!) cotemporary the broomstick of the Journal, we look upon the appointment of Major Cook as the most ABEL that could have been made.  We think that without taking the trouble to consult our military friends, they will coincide with us in our opinion.  If the Military committee will discriminate in all its appointments with as good judgment as it has thus far exercised, the third Onondaga Regiment, as well as the Fourth, will go into the field with a meritous corps of Staff and line officers that will challenge the admiration of veterans.  We want no more station organ grinders at the head of our Onondaga regiments to use our brave boys as monkeys or babboons, by inflicting upon them such outrageous punishments as we have heard of in regard to the 101st regiment. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/25/62)

CAMP ANDREWS. - There was a great rush to Camp Andrews yesterday by our citizens, as it was the last Sabbath that the Third Onondaga Regiment would occupy it.  Religious services were held by Rev. S. B. Scott, pastor of the First M. E. Church, in this city, at which the entire regiment were present.  Hundreds of our citizens were present at the religious services and the dress parade.  Every avenue approaching the camp grounds was thronged with horses and vehicles, and the livery stables were emptied at an early hour in the morning of everything upon wheels or marrow bones.  We understand the regiment will leave camp for Washington by Wednesday or Thursday, and the barracks will be occupied by the recruits of the Fourth Onondaga Regiment.  Hurry up the men.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/25/62)

EXTRA BOUNTY. - Our patriotic and enthusiastic fellow-citizen, James Lynch, Jr., has entered the service of his country, and we understand that recruits are flocking to him in great numbers.  As will be seen by a notice elsewhere, an extra bounty of ten dollars is offered to each man to the number of forty, who shall join the ranks of Captain Lynch’s Company.  The offer is a liberal one, and will be promptly paid.  Mr. Lynch is one of our most spirited young men and will make an excellent officer.  Young men who desire to enlist and wish the privilege of choosing their own officer, will find this an excellent opportunity for entering the Fourth Onondaga Regiment.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/25/62)  


WAR MEETINGS THIS WEEK.- War meetings are appointed to be held as follows, during the present week: MONDAY EVENING, AUG. 25. Cardiff-Geo. L. Maynard, and others. At Union Hall, Baldwinsville, to be addressed by Hon. Thos. G. Alvord. Capt. Townsend will receive recruits.  Jamesville-To be addressed by G. N. Kennedy and P. Corbett, Esq.  Manlius Village-To be addressed by Robert McCarthy, Esq.  TUESDAY EVENING, AUG. 26. Orville-To be addressed by George L. Maynard.  Pompey Center-Mass meeting, to be addressed by G. N. Kennedy and L. W. Hall, Esq.  Apulia-In the Congregational Church.  Addresses by Hon. D. McCarthy and P. Corbett.  W. W. Mosely will be present to receive recruits.  Clay Corners-Frank Hiscock, Esq., and others will deliver addresses.  WEDNESDAY EVENING, AUG. 27.  Spafford Corners-Geo. L. Maynard and others will address the meeting.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/25/62)

EXTRA BOUNTY FOR CAPT. LYNCH’S COMPANY. - $1800,00 has been subscribed as extra bounty by the citizens of Salina, for the company to be raised by James Lynch.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/26/62)


HARDEE DISCARDED. - “ Hardee’s Tactics” have been the standard tactics of the army. But Hardee is a traitor, and in that respect, at least, his “tactics” are not approved.  But, aside from that, Gen. Casey’s tactics are deemed an improvement, and have just been officially adopted.  This is a deserved compliment to a veteran soldier, whose scientific skill runs parallel with his loyalty and courage.  Albany Journal. (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 8/26/62)

RECRUITING IN THE SEVENTH WARD. - The Jewish Synagogue on Mulberry street will be open every evening this week, for the purpose of forwarding recruiting among the Israelites who constitute a large and respectable portion of our patriotic fellow citizens.  Good speakers will be in attendance each evening.  Push on the ball in the old Seventh.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/26/62)

FIRST WARD. - An enthusiastic war meeting was held in the First Ward last evening.  The meeting was a tremendous one for Old Salt Point.  The speakers were John McCarthy, R.F. Trowbridge and John Molloy, Esqrs. The First Ward is patriotic, and will furnish a splendid body of men for the Fourth Onondaga regiment. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/26/62)

RECRUITING. - Our citizens have taken the recruiting mania, and all are striving to do their utmost in the matter.  The Israelites of the city are bestirring themselves, as will be seen from the proceedings that we publish in another column.  Recruiting has been commenced to fill the decimated ranks of the Twelfth Onondaga Regiment, and a large bounty has been offered, as our columns will show.  Messrs  Remington, Palmer and Cook, of the Citizens Corps, are raising a company for the fourth Onondaga Regiment, and meet with good success.  Their rendezvous is in front of Herricks Cigar store.  Young men who prefer to enlist under experienced officers should join this company.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/26/62)

THE GERMAN’S IN MOTION. - At a meeting of the German Catholic congregation Sunday afternoon, the following committee were appointed to raise monies for an extra bounty to each German who enlist in the Fourth Onondaga Regiment, from Monday the 25th instant: 1st Ward- George Miller, Theobald Rieffe. 2nd Ward- F. Baumer, P. Conrad, and I.A. Hoffman. 3rd Ward- Casper Miller and M. Wenz. 4th Ward- Knauber and C. Bauerle. 5th Ward- Peter Schmel, Sichold and Chas. Fauth. 6th & 7th Wards- Joseph Michael and John Roeshlaub. 8th Ward- Ignatius Fissinger and Joseph Bollway.  (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/26/62)


WAR MEETING YESTERDAY. - The meeting yesterday was largely attended in Hanover square.  Finlay M. King, Massachusetts Dunbar, and Hon. Thos. G. Alvord, addressed the meeting.  Dunbar sang a sort of negro medley, with but poor success.  Dunbar should drop the darkey, and confine himself to patriotism.  It is a great pity to see him waste his pantomimic efforts on the colored gammon.  If he desires to enter the ranks of a minstrel troupe, room must be made for him and a few others who train with him.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/27/62)

MAJOR COOK. - On Tuesday some friends presented Major Cook with an elegant sword and sash. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/28/62)


FOURTH ONONDAGA REGIMENT. - The following are the Regimental and Staff officers of the Fourth Onondaga Regiment, as far as made public : Colonel- Henry A. Barnum.  Lieutenant Colonel- John M. Strong.  Major- Abel G. Cook.  Surgeon- Dr. J.V. Kendall.  Chaplain-               Adjutant- James S. Gillespie.  Quarter-Master- Moses Summers.  Sergeant-Major- Joseph Seymour, Jr.  Quartermaster-Sergeant- Joseph A. Davis.  Commissary-Sergeant- John W. Barnes. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/28/62)  

CAVALRY COMPANY. - George E. Jacobia, of DeWitt has received authorization to recruit a cavalry company to be attached to the 4th Onondaga Regiment.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/29/62)

FIFTY DOLLARS BOUNTY IN GEDDES. - A score of the patriotic citizens of Geddes offer an extra bounty of fifty dollars to each volunteer in the Fourth Onondaga Regiment from that town.  Volunteers accepting this offer are invited to enroll themselves with Capt. E. H. Farrar, recruiting officer for Geddes, at the Salt office in that place.  (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/29/62)

A MOUNTED COMPANY FOR THE FOURTH REGIMENT. - John W. Hatfield, of this city has been authorized to raise a company of mounted rifles, to be attached to the Fourth Regiment now forming.  Young men have now the opportunity to join this popular branch of the service and at the same time go in company with their friends now enlisting. - Standard. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/29/62)

REGIMENTAL FLAG FOR THE FOURTH ONONDAGA REGIMENT. - At the meeting of the War Committee last evening, the ladies of the Jewish Synagogue, of the 7th Ward, desired to be allowed the privilege of presenting the Regimental Flag to the Fourth Onondaga Regiment.  The Committee unanimously granted this patriotic request, and returned their thanks to the generous donors.  These ladies have distinguished themselves by their untiring efforts in behalf of Captain Light’s Company, now being raised in that Ward, and are entitled to the approbation of all for their exertions.  Let other ladies follow their example.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/29/62)

AN INVOLUNTARY VOLUNTEER. - A well-dressed man named Marcus V. Carpenter was boasting at the Sherman House yesterday that he escaped from Chicago just in time to evade the draft, when Lieut. Beach took him in custody and delivered him over to Deputy Marshal Lowell, who placed him in the hands of Capt. Light, recruiting officer for the Fourth regiment.  Finding that he was caught in a disagreeable trap, Carpenter concluded to enlist, and did so, Capt. Light paying him the extra bounty.   (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 8/29/62)

WAR MASS MEETING. - The mass war meeting in Hanover Square, yesterday afternoon, was highly interesting.  Capt. E. G. Townsend, formerly chaplain in the Van Allen Cavalry, and who is now raising a company for the Fourth Onondaga regiment, and Lieut. R. W. Raymond, a member of Gen. Fremont’s staff during the hundred days in Missouri and subsequently in the Mountain Department, made eloquent and patriotic remarks, in the course of which they related many facts and incidents occurring during their army experience, to the instruction and gratification of their hearers.  Lieut. Dunbar also spoke briefly. (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 8/29/62)

THE FOURTH REGIMENT. - There were reported to the Military Committee last evening by the recruiting officers, as having been enlisted in the Fourth Onondaga regiment to that time, five hundred and sixty men.  This most excellent result has been attained inside of six days.  Surgeon Kendall is busily occupied at his headquarters, No. 10 Clinton Block.  Yesterday, over one hundred enlisted men were passed on examination, and at least that number will be examined to-day.  The Surgeon says that those who have thus far been examined are a noble body of men, and that the regiment promises to be fully equal to the 122d, which is as good as can be raised anywhere.  The Military Committee, which had granted an authorization to George E. Jacobia to raise a cavalry company for the new regiment, reconsidered and unanimously rescinded their action last evening.  A delegation of citizens from DeWitt, and others, strongly protested against the issuing of authorization to such persons.  Recruiting in this city to-day is being most vigorously prosecuted.  The regiment, at the present rate of enlistments, will be filled up by Monday.  Mr. John W. Hetfield is raising a company of cavalry for this regiment. (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 8/29/62)

SEVENTH WARD. - The Jewish Synagogue is crowded every evening.  Judge Morgan and Richard Raynor spoke last evening, and the inimitable and popular Dunbar sang “Father Abraham,” and made a capital speech of about five minutes in length, (just long enough for a war speech) Five more volunteers came forward and joined Capt. Light’s Company.  The meeting for this evening will be held at the City Hall, and it is to be hoped that the Hall will be crowded.  Only a few days more remain for getting volunteers.  Let every man do his duty in the Seventh Ward, and Capt. Light’s company will be raised. Good speakers are engaged for to-night.   (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 8/29/62)

FLAG FOR THE FOURTH REGIMENT. - The committee of the Jewish ladies, entrusted with the procuring of a flag to be presented to the Fourth Onondaga regiment, have purchased the materials at a cost over $180-probably $200,-and the ladies are making them up.  The Military Committee has accepted the tender of these ladies.  The flag is to be of the best silk, and few regiments in the State will have more elegant colors. (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 8/29/62)

BULLY FOR SALT POINT. - We understand that Capt. Jas. Lynch’s Company will be ready for muster as soon as the Wednesday next.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)


MANLIUS STATION.- Hon. Thomas G. Alvord and L. W. Hall, Esq., will address a war meeting at Manlius Station this evening.  Let there be a grand turn out.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)


THE RECRUITING.- The recruiting is now progressing lively.  On Thursday Justice Hurst swore in over one hundred men.  Many others were sworn in by other Commissioners.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62


MEETING AT JAMESVILLE.- Hon. Dennis McCarthy and P. Corbett, Esq., will address a war meeting at Jamesville on Tuesday evening next, Sept.2d.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)


HURRY UP.- It is said that the State bounty of $50 will cease after the 3d of September, the time fixed for the draft.  Those intending to enlist should be quick, as but a short time is left to secure the bounty.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)

THE MILITARY COMMITTEE. - The Military Committee held a meeting at their room in the City Hall, and six hundred names were reported for the Fourth Onondaga Regiment.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)  


ADJUTANT FOR THE 4TH ONONDAGA. - Walter M. Dallman who was 1st Lieut. in Capt. Jas. Lynch jr’s., company has received the appointment of Adjutant in the 4th Onondaga Regiment.  (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)

SEVENTH WARD MEETING LAST NIGHT. - One of the most enthusiastic war meetings of the season was held at the City Hall last evening.  A large addition to the fund was raised, and several recruits were obtained.  The Israelites have done most nobly, and their company is already nearly full.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)  

READY FOR MUSTER. - Five hundred and sixty men were reported to the Military Committee on Thursday evening by the different recruiting officers, as ready for muster.  Adjutant Dallman, who has been in Albany for the purpose of procuring the necessary papers, will probably commence to muster the regiment to-day. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)  


A PATRIOTIC FIRE COMPANY. - A meeting of Empire Company No. IV, from the Second Ward, was held last evening at their Engine House, to consider measures for the promotion of a company from that Ward under the Recruiting Officers, Nicholas Grumbach, Phillip Eckel, and Jacob Knapp.  On motion of a member, Resolved, That the Empire Company No. IV give one hundred dollars to the above officers for extra bounty to volunteers.  Resolved, That the Secretary shall write an order for the above amount.  Resolved, That these proceedings be published in all our city daily papers.  MICHAEL SPRISSER, JOHN A. ECKEL, JACOB BLIND, - Committee.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 8/30/62)

THE MILITARY COMMITTEE. - This Committee held another meeting last night.  There was not much business of importance transacted.  The reports of the recruiting officers show a considerable increase in the number of volunteers reported since the last meeting, and the work of filling the new regiment is progressing very favorably. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/1/62)

THE RIGHT SORT OF MEN. - Mr. Hamilton White has contributed $100 to each of the following named persons to aid them in the work of recruiting, viz: Ira Seymour, James E. Doran, Rev. E. G. Townsend, D. J. Lindsay, Geo. K. Collins - making $500 in all.  Hon. Dennis McCarthy has given $100 to Capt. Bon, and $100 to Rev. E. G. Townsend for the same purpose.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/1/62)

THE POMPEY COMPANY. - The company from Pompey, under command of Capt. Woodford, is now filled above the minimum number.  It will be company “B” in the Fourth Regiment.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/1/62)

CAPT. LIGHT’S COMPANY. - This company is now filled above the maximum number, and will be the first company mustered into the fourth regiment.  No class have labored more faithfully, or given with a more liberal hand than the Israelites of the Seventh Ward, and it gives us the greatest satisfaction to know that they are to receive the just reward of their exertions.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/1/62)  


NATIONAL GUARDS. - An imposing display was made by the National Guards of this city, on Friday afternoon, complimentary of Capt. Lynch’s company of the First Ward.  The Guards were accompanied by the recruits, numbering some sixty fine sized, athletic fellows.  We noticed among them many of large physical proportions.  They all appeared in good spirits and marched to the music of the band in excellent order, and we think in better uniformity of step and motion than we have noticed in any other body of raw recruits.  The Guards left the Armory at 5 o’clock, P.M.  On Salina street they marched in extended ranks, and made a very soldierly display.  An immense gathering of people awaited them in Salina, where, after stacking arms and refreshing themselves at the invitation of Capt. Lynch, they listened to a brief but stirring and patriotic speech from Col. Titus, which was enthusiastically applauded by both soldiers and people.  Capt. Lynch received a number of recruits, and after they had signed their names, the Guards exchanged their good evening with the young Captain, and marched for home, feeling satisfied that they had done so much, at least, for the Rebellion. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/1/62)

FOURTH ONONDAGA REGIMENT. - The Military Committee will proceed to consolidate and organize the Fourth Onondaga Regiment, on Wednesday morning next, the 3d inst., at 10 o’clock.  All persons having authorizations to recruit for this Regiment, will see the necessity of reporting the number of men sworn in by each at that time.  By order of the Military Committee. CHARLES ANDREWS, Chairman. ALLEN MUNROE, Secretary. September 1st. 1862. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/1/62)

DEPARTURE OF THE 122D REGIMENT. - Many of our readers will be surprised to learn that this regiment is by this time far on its way to Washington.  It was generally believed that the regiment would not leave their camp before Monday or Tuesday.  On Saturday evening however, orders were received for their departure early Sunday morning.  Not withstanding the lateness of the hour at which the summons came, the intelligence spread through the city like wild fire, and at an early hour yesterday morning Camp Andrews was thronged with the relatives and friends of the soldiers, assembled to pay the last tributes of affection to the brave fellows so soon to be in the midst of “war’s alarms.”  The regiment was engaged nearly the whole of Saturday night in breaking camp, packing their baggage, &c., and about seven o’clock fell into line and marched to the yard of the Central Railroad, near Clinton street, where the train was waiting to convey them to their destination.  On their arrival at the yard they were again met by a dense crowd of the families, &c., of the volunteers, and after many tearful leave-takings, and heart-breaking farewells they went on board the cars in the most orderly manner, and with a most fervent “God speed,” the train moved off and the 122d Regiment was on its way to the seat of war.  Their passage through the city was greeted at every point by the waving of flags, handkerchiefs, the throwing of bouquets, &c., and the hearty cheers, shaking of caps, &c., by the volunteers showed that their enthusiasm was not in the least abated by these expressions of the regard from the ladies of Syracuse.  This regiment is recruited from the best material of Old Onondaga County, and a finer, or more soldierly body of men cannot be found in the Northern army; and we can safely predict that their bearing on the field will be an honor to themselves and to Onondaga County.  Shortly after the departure of the regiment, Company “E,” of the Fourth Regiment, marched up to the campground, and took possession of the barracks, &c., for the new regiment, which will immediately go into camp.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/1/62)  


FOR THE WAR. - There have been many extraordinary instances of self-sacrifices in this war - of men who have enlisted, who are exempt from positive duty by age or infirmity - but some instances have come under our notice within a day or two past, that we regard as especially worthy of remark.  An elderly gentleman, venerable from his sixty and more years, remarked that he had two sons in the army, and that he could do no better than to enlist himself - and he did enlist.  Two other elderly gentlemen, still vigorous although aged, remarked in our presence that they would also enlist - and they will do so.  One of these gentlemen is among the oldest residents of our city, and helped to build the second school house ever erected here.  He is a good-hearted and brave man, and will make a good soldier.  These men have been actuated solely by patriotic feelings, and have not been influenced by merely pecuniary motives.  We produce these single instances as merely representative of thousands of patriotic examples, which the cowardly ones who fear a draft should be proud to follow.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/1/62)

CONSOLIDATION. - The Pompey company, which arrived in town yesterday morning, effected a consolidation with the men raised by Mr. C. C. Bates, and a portion of them were mustered in.  The company now numbers 104 men. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/2/62)

THE FOURTH REGIMENT. - This regiment now numbers over eight hundred men sworn in, and will probably be filled in a day or two more at the farthest.  Six companies will be filled, leaving four to be consolidated. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/2/62)

4TH REGIMENT. - Quartermaster Summers arrived home from New York on Sunday morning.  The supplies of clothing, &c., were very scarce, owing to the rapidity which regiments are coming in.  He succeeded in procuring the blankets, and it is expected the uniforms will be shipped before many days.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/2/62)  


FIRST WARD COMPANY. - Capt. Lynch’s company was full yesterday, and the men were sworn in at the City Hall during the afternoon.  The ranks is made up of as fine looking a body of men as have yet been mustered into any regiment that left this city.  A cheer for the First Ward.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/2/62)

THE 2D WARD COMPANY COMPLETE. - THE BEST WORK YET. - The German Company of the 2d ward, under Capt. Grumbach and Lieuts. Eckle and Knapp, is far above the maximum number.  On Saturday evening the company numbered fifty-one men.  Fifty-four men were enlisted yesterday, being, we believe, the best day’s recruiting for one company ever done in this State.  The people of the second ward yesterday did nothing but recruit.  They entered into the business with a real German enthusiasm  -the women, wives, mothers and daughters urging and encouraging enlistments, and the result is this glorious success, the first full company for the Fourth regiment.  The company marched in a body this morning to the office of Justice Hurst, where the oath was administered to those not already sworn in.  A few of them are now in the surgeon’s hands.  The company will muster in as soon as possible, probably to-day.-Standard.  (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/2/62)  


A MISTAKE. - It is now positively asserted that there is no intention of raising a Central Railroad Regiment. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/3/62)

PROGRESS OF THE NEW REGIMENT. - The Fourth Onondaga Regiment is progressing beyond all reasonable expectations.  The regiment yesterday numbered about nine hundred men, and it is expected, at the rate in which enlistments are being made, that it will reach its maximum number to-day or to-morrow, at farthest.  The five companies which have received the minimum number, and are already mustered into the regiment, are, we understand, lettered as follows : Co. A - Capt. Light, Seventh Ward.  Co. B - Capt. Grumbach, Second Ward.  Co. C - Capt. Lynch, First Ward.  Co. D - Capt. Graves, Manlius.  Co. E - Capt. Woodford, Pompey.  Two other companies, now nearly full, will receive their designating initial letters perhaps to-day, as the Military Committee will meet at the City Hall this forenoon, to complete the company organizations of the regiment.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/3/62)

CLOTHING FOR THE NEW REGIMENT. - We learn that a full supply of army blankets, of good quality, has been received by Quartermaster Summers, for the Fourth Onondaga Regiment, and they will be served out to the men as fast as they are ready to take up quarters in Camp.  It is impossible at the present time to obtain uniforms and other necessary articles of clothing, but they will be forthcoming at an early day.  Since the appointment of our “local” friend Moses, of the Standard, to the position of Quarter-Master of the new, or Fourth Onondaga Regiment, he has been very active in seeing to the wants of the men, and has displayed the same agility and untiring perseverance which has at all times characterized his connection with the press, as an able and industrious local editor.  We are not apprised as to who will be his successor in the local Chair, but whoever he may be, with all due deference to whatever talent he may bring to his aid, we are quite sure that the readers of the Standard will miss the pungent pen of our former cotemporary, while we shall be relieved from many a sharp poke in the ribs.  But notwithstanding all this, which to his readere, like the fable of the boy and the frogs was “fun to them but death to us.” we, too, shall miss his genial, every day association, and the frank, generous and courteous manner in which he has always treated us, personally.  Ever willing to impart any information to us within his knowledge, that might be of service to us, we found him accommodating and communicative to an extent that perhaps we had no right to expect.  But what his former readers will loose through his absence as local editor, they will gain it in the service of interesting letters that he will be able to send his paper from time to time, from the seat of war.  As Quarter-Master of the regiment, the gallant boys will find in our old friend Moses, one ever alive to their best interests, and who will be constantly on the alert to supply their every want in time of need.  In taking leave of him as one of our most genial and clever city cotemporaries, our regards shall follow him upon the tented field, coupled with hopes for his personal safety and future prosperity and when, at the end of the war he shall return home, conscious of having performed his whole duty to our common country, none will be more rejoiced at the opportunity of extending to him a warm greeting and the right hand of editorial fellowship than his humble servant the “local” of the Courier and Union.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/3/62)  


THE LADIES ARE WANTED. - The patriotic ladies of Syracuse are requested to meet at the Court House this (Wednesday) morning, for the purpose of taking the necessary measures to furnish lint, bandages other articles for wounded soldiers.  A general attendance is requested. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/3/62)


BEWARE OF ARMY BLUE. - Those engaged in manufacturing military clothing should be cautious how they bring the hands in contact with the eyes.  We well know what an attraction army blue possesses for the female sex, but then it is quite a different thing when a good Union soldier is enveloped in it, to protect the dear creatures from harm.  A young lady a few days ago lost the sight of one eye, and will most probably lose the other, by working on blue army cloth.  Her eyes were somewhat inflamed from the effects of a cold, and it was while in that state that she rubbed them with her fingers, which were discolored by the blue cloth.  Again we caution females to beware of army blue !   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/4/62)

CONSOLIDATION OF THE FOURTH ONONDAGA REGIMENT. - This regiment was consolidated on Wednesday under the designation of the One Hundred and Forty-ninth (149th) Regiment, when all the Captains and most of the Lieutenants were appointed.  We like the number designating the regiment.  It sounds strong, and looks invincible.  Quarter-Master Summers furnishes his paper with some items of interest in regard to camp matters, which we subjoin : The Camp of the 4th Regiment has been named Camp White in honor of Ald. White, the well known and popular commander of Co. D, of the 51st regiment.  Major Cook is in command of the camp, and strict military discipline is enforced.  Captain Townsend and some fifty men went into camp this morning before breakfast, and took possession of one of the barracks.  There are now five companies Capts. Light, Lynch, Townsend, Graves and the Pompey company, in camp, and others will go there to-day and to-morrow.  The Manlius Company, Captain Graves marched to town this morning, and went into camp.  The march of eight miles must have been a tiresome one, but the boys bore the fatigue like heroes.  Capt. Lindsay and his company will be in camp this afternoon.  It is understood that 950 men have enlisted in the Regiment, but probably all will not pass muster.  However, it is safe to say that the Regiment will soon be filled to the maximum.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/5/62)

CAPT. GRAVES’ COMPANY. - The Fayetteville Gazette says that Adjutant Dallman was at that place on Monday to muster in Capt. Graves’ Company.  Sixty-two men passed the surgeons’ examination and but one of the whole number was rejected.  They are a fine body of men, and will do good service.  The balance of the company expect to go to Syracuse to-day for muster; and thence to camp.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/6/62)  


FAREWELL BALL. - The members of Empire Engine Company No. IV will give a Farewell Ball to the members of Co. B Fourth Onondaga Regiment, at Pfohl’s Hall on Monday evening next, the proceeds to be added to the Relief Fund for the benefit of the families of volunteers.  Samsel’s full Band will furnish music.  Tickets 50 cents. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/6/62)

DEATH OF A SOLDIER. - We learn that one of the soldiers of the Fourth Onondaga regiment, died at the camp ground yesterday morning.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/8/62)

BILLS AGAINST THE FOURTH REGIMENT. - The Quartermaster of this Regiment requests all persons having accounts for materials or labor furnished for the Regiment, to present them to Joseph A. Davis, Quartermaster Sergeant, as soon as possible.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/8/62)

ASSISTANT SURGEONS. - Dr. Nims, of Manlius, and J. E. Carr, of Betts’ Corners, have been appointed Assistant Surgeons for the Fourth Onondaga (149th) Regiment.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/8/62)

OFF TO THE WAR. - We find the following notice in the last number of the Chenango Union - Mr. J. S. Townsend, employed as one of the Teachers of the Union School in this village had just commenced his labors for the term which began on Monday last, when he received notice that he had been appointed to a position upon the Colonel’s Staff in the new Onondaga Regiment.  He immediately resigned his post as pedagogue, (with the consent of the Trustees) and has joined his Regiment.  Our school will miss him, but the country will find him always at his post.  His place in the school has not yet been supplied. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/8/62)  


RECRUITS ABOUT TO MARCH. - Nine regiments are to leave this State for the seat of war before the 8th inst.  A number of other regiments are ready to move, and will do so as promptly as transportation, uniforms and arms are furnished.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/9/62)

THE NEW REGIMENT. - Eight hundred and thirty men had successfully passed the Surgeon’s examination up to yesterday morning.  The uniforms for the regiment were shipped from New York City yesterday, and expected here last evening.  They will be served out to the men as soon as they arrive.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/9/62)

PRESENTATION TO LIEUT. ECKLE. - The members of Empire Fire Co. No. 4, of which Lieut. Eckle, of Co. B, 149th regiment, has been the foreman for many years, have presented their esteemed chief with a sword, sash, belt and other military insignia.  The presentation took place at Camp White, yesterday afternoon, and was attended by Empire Fire Company in full numbers, who marched to the camp headed by Samsel’s Band, and also by Capt. Grumbach’s full company.  The presentation address was made by L. W. Hall, Esq., in neat and appropriate terms, to which R. H. Gardner, Esq., in behalf of Lieut. Eckle, made a fitting response.  The affair was witnessed by a large gathering of citizens.  The compliment to Lieut. Eckle is richly deserved.   (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 9/9/62)

THE NEW REGIMENT. - The Adjutant at noon to-day had mustered in over eight hundred men, and a number were waiting turns.  Capt. Hopkins’ company from Cicero, was mustered in this forenoon and has gone into camp.  A supply of clothing was shipped from New York yesterday, and reached here this morning.  Several hundred uniforms not used by the 122d regiment, have been distributed to the new regiment.  Capt. Light’s company (A,) received theirs last evening, and made a parade of the Seventh Ward, where they were hospitably entertained at the residences of several of the citizens. (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 9/9/62)

COLONEL BARNUM. - We were highly pleased at seeing Col. Barnum enjoying a ride in the open air yesterday.  He visits Camp White, where his regiment is quartered, about every day, and his presence is hailed with satisfaction by the men.  The Colonel looks pale, and quite thin, but his complexion is a healthy one, and shows that he will soon have entirely recovered from his wounds.  The State paymaster for the government reached here yesterday, and was to have paid off the members of the 149th their enlistment premium and advance pay, under direction of Col. Barnum, but we understand that payment was postponed till to-day.  The uniforms have arrived, and are being distributed to the men of the new regiment. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/10/62)

THE 149TH REGIMENT. - This regiment is soon to leave for the seat of war, and we have heard that the time fixed for their departure is Monday next.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/13/62)

THE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINTH REGIMENT. - The various companies in this regiment have received a full supply of well made, serviceable uniforms, except under clothes and overcoats, which will be supplied in a few days.  The bounty money will be paid at an early day of the present week, when it is expected that the regiment will soon after receive marching orders.  The soldiers, with a few exceptions, are allotting liberal portions of their pay to their families, and as but two companies have yet performed this credible duty, several days must ensue before the allotment system shall have been consummated by the entire regiment.  Religious services, with full dress parade, were held at “Camp White” yesterday, and as the weather was delightful, a large number of spectators were present.  Rev. W. W. Clayton, of Cicero, conducted the religious services, and preached to the soldiers.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/15/62)

CHAPLAIN OF THE 149TH. - An election for chaplain of the 149th regiment was held on Saturday, by the line officers.  Rev. Mr. Bowditch, of Tully, received all but two votes, which were cast for Rev. Mr. Clayton, of Cicero. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/16/62)

ADVANCE PAY. - Those members of the 149th regiment who enlisted previous to the 22d of August received the month’s pay advanced by the Government, yesterday.  It is expected that the bounty money will be paid to-day or to-morrow. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/16/62)  


SWORD PRESENTATION. - First Lieutenant Samuel Bronner, of Co. A, 149th Regiment, was presented with a handsome sword, sash and belt, by his friends, on Saturday last.  The presentation took place at the residence of Mr. Kraft, on Cedar Street.  We have a full report of the interesting ceremony, which is unavoidably crowded out this morning, but will appear in our next issue.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/16/62)

PRESENTATION TO CAPT. DORAN. - Last evening a handsome sword, sash, belt and pistol were presented to Capt. J. E. Doran by his friends; and shoulder straps, the insignia of his rank were seperately presented by another friend.  The presentation was made in a neat speech by L. W. Hall, which was happily responded to by the brave Captain.  He was followed by Mayor Andrews, who sketched in a happy manner the history of Capt. Doran’s labors in raising his company and paid a just tribute to the energy which Capt. Doran had displayed in his patriotic work.  Capt. Doran commenced raising his company on the 20th of August; -at a period so late that the task was one of great difficulty, and now has a company of 80 fine recruits.  Addresses were made by other of the invited guests which to our regret, the late hour and our own engagements denied us the pleasure of hearing.  No braver or more patriotic soldier will go to the war from this county than Captain Doran.  And he will carry with him to the scene of conflict the best wishes not only of the friends who were present at the presentation, but of hosts of others who have long prized him as a genial companion and good citizen, who will keep his memory green in their hearts and hope for his return to their midst in safety and with the honors of a brave, successful military career to grace the calmer hours of a coming Peace.   (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/16/62)  


LOST. - On the morning of the 15th, between 10 and 11 o’clock, a roll of bills amounting to $48, all United States currency except one three dollar bill.  The loser was a soldier’s wife, and it was all she had.  The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the money at the counting room of this office. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/16/62)


AFTER THE DESERTERS. - United States Deputy Marshall Lowel arrested on Saturday last, a man named Russell W. Cook, of the town of Oran, by virtue of a warrant issued by Commissioner Roger.  The complainant was Lieut. Beach, who charged Cook with inducing an adopted son, Wm. O. Eastman, to desert from the service after having received the regular State and County bounties.  Eastman first enlisted with Lieut. Beach in this city, and immediately after receiving his bounty monies, deserted and re-enlisted in Chittenango, for the purpose of receiving double bounties, hence the arrest.  The parties will have an examination before Commissioner Roger in the course of a day or two.  We learn that a large number of persons have been practicing this double enlistment, but Lieut. Beach is after them, and they may expect to get hauled up to the Captain’s office, unless they have already skedaddled to Canada. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/16/62)

SOLDIERS BALL. - A Ball will be given at the hall of Col. N. P. Eaton, at Onondaga Hill, on Thursday evening, Sept. 18th, for the soldiers of the Fourth Onondaga Regiment.  Music by Martin’s Band.  Tickets $1.50.  The public are invited to attend. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/17/62)

SWORD PRESENTATION. - The friends of Mr. Samuel Bronner, First Lieutenant of Co. A, Fourth Onondaga Regiment, assembled yesterday afternoon at the house of Mr. Kraft, on Cedar street, and presented to him a sword, sash and belt.  The presentation in behalf of Mr. Bronner’s friends was made by August Falker, with the following remarks ;   MR. BRONNER : It is with the greatest pleasure that I appear before you to perform a pleasing duty, with which I have been entrusted or rather honored to perform, by a number of your friends at the present time, when our Union is in danger of being overthrown, when the laws of our government are disobeyed, and when the stars and stripes are dishonored, not by an invading foreign foe, but by our own citizens; at such a crisis, when our country calls for the best of her men to come to its rescue, you have nobly responded, and tendered your service and your life to that most glorious cause, the defence of our country.  In taking leave of you, as one who resided in this city and among us, our regards shall follow you wherever you may be, and rest assured that we, as much as yourself, shall take a deep interest in your future career.  My friend, out of esteem to you as one of our friends while in this city leading a social life, we saw fit in parting with you to present you with these small presents - this sword, sash and belt - which you will please to accept from us as a small token of remembrance.  My friend, should in the future course of your life despair ever befall you upon the tented field, or in thickest of battle, behold that sword, look at it and remember the many friends you left behind you, and when at a future day you’ll return and with you that sword, let it be ever so much worn and scarred we are confident it will nevertheless nt be dishonored, but crowned with victory and glory.  At the close of Mr. Falker’s remarks Mr. Bronner responded as follows :   MY FRIENDS : I hardly know what to say in reply to this token of friendship so generously given.  We have fallen upon evil times, and in my judgment it is the duty of every man enjoying the benefits of our Government, the fruit of the labor of the best, of the good, shold show his loyalty by repelling the aggressions of the wretch who would dare to pluck one star from the galaxy of our National emblem.  I take this memorial of your esteem to bring it back to you in the same purity you gave it, and if it should be my lot to fall in its protection, my wish and my desire shall be that no stain on its blade shall record my dishonor or your humility.  And if I fall that my back shall be to the mother earth and my face to the enemy of our country, and in the language of the poet let me conscientiously say “In the long vista of theyears to roll, Let me not see my country’s honor fade; Oh ! let me see our land retain its soul.  Her guide in freedom and not freedom’s shade.”  Again thanking you for your beautiful tribute of respect, I hope I will soon return to you to greet you with the happy tidings that we are once more ourselves again, a home to the friendless, a father to the fatherless; and that we have taught them to realize the old but truthful saying : “Tis not all of life to live, Nor all of death to die.” (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/17/62)

SWORD PRESENTATION TO MAJOR COOK. - This sterling officer, Major of the 149th, (Fourth Onondaga Regiment,) was made the recipient of a splendid service sword by his personal friends, the presentation of which took place at Willard & Hawley’s jewelry store.  It was a quiet demonstration, no one being made aware of it but the gentlemen engaged in the pleasant duty.  Major Cook will carry the sword with honor to himself and friends, and service to the country. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/17/62)

COLORS FOR THE NEW REGIMENT. - The officers of the Onondaga Salt Springs have caused to be manufactured for the 149th regiment a large and handsome national flag, which is now on exhibition in the window of Willard and Hawley’s jewelry store.  The material of the flag is entirely of silk, with embroidered stars in silver lace, and heavy fringe of yellow.  The flag presentation to the regiment will take place before it leaves Camp White, and as soon as the regimental colors now being prepared by the ladies of the Seventh Ward shall be ready for presentation. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/18/62)  



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