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Feburary/18/06: 2 new awards! one from November Rain awards and one from Rangers of the Wilderness Awards. Thank you for the awards!! Also  I have started a new site, which is a fan site for the TV show "the Office" there is a link to it below the tag-board.

Feburary/1/06: Wow how time flys! it's already Feb. I added a "guest Map", which is a map of Middle Earth! So insted of saying where you live, you can say where you would live if you were from Middle Earth. I also nominated this site at the Rangers of the Wilderness and The White Lady awards.

January/29/06: I fixed the link to the guest book!

January/28/06: I have decided that I will have a poll every month or so, it will be about this site or LotR, or who knows, maybe something else! I started a poll today, it's for what you want to see on this site, so please vote, so I know what I can improve on. I also got a counter, to count the visitors here, and I go a new guest book, which you can sign by clicking on the button below. The poll and counter are also located towards the bottum of the page.

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