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Other Dogs

I enjoy meeting and playing with other dogs. I know that they can be trusted. I trust them. I behave so that other animals and people can trust me. They trust me. I accurately read the signals of other dogs, and I respect them. I even ignore dogs when I want to. When I am away at the vet, or on other business, I always focus well and appropriately only on my own business.


I always know how much concern is appropriate and I always respond appropriately, deftly, with ease and grace. I love fun, and my optimal boundaries and behavior create the perfect situations for me and others, so I have all the friends I want: dogs, cats and people.


I am happy to share the attention of people with others, and I do it well. I share my food and toys with H_ and J_ (the other dogs in the family). I also share attention, companionship, and toys with visiting dogs and humans. I always get everything I need, and I am ease with all those around me also getting everything they need. When I play with other dogs, I am always relaxed and I know that playing is just for fun. Relaxing and having fun are easy for me every day. I know I am surrounded by my happy family, that they love me, and care for me, and protect me.

Safety, Relaxation

I am safe because I am V_ (myself). I sleep well and relax easily because it is natural for me. My power animals are always there for me, and every day I remember how much they contribute to my well-being and sense of being just right in my world. If I start to feel a little twinge of 'not-right', I remember to ask for the help of my power animals. They are always ready to guide and accompany me, into all kinds of situations.

No Hunting

or Mean Play

I enjoy the presence and company of neighbor dogs, cats, squirrels and opossums and others. I choose the optimal distance from each and all of them to make smooth interactions at all times. I am always grounded and fully aware of my healthy boundaries. I know these other beings are creatures who share my world and yard. My play modes only include modes which are equally fun for all participants. I only move as fast and as hard as is comfortable for all beings around me. I have plenty of food and eat only what is offered to me by my human family. I walk well on leash, enjoying my surroundings and pacing my energy for each moment and for the whole walk. I am aware of the bond between my humans and me, and easily receive and respond to directions given to me through the leash.

Body Awareness

and Safety

I enjoy being in my body, and I am comfortably aware of myself, fore and aft, above and below and within, at all times. I take good care of my body, and my guides and power animals increase my skill and awareness of areas needing more gentleness, like my knees. I enjoy it best when I am most able to take good care of myself, and being gentle with myself and others. My temperament and health are excellent, my skin is very healthy and is a healthy boundary, and I am at ease with changes of the seasons and other elements of my environment.


I love my life and my body, my family and my home, and I especially love myself. I give thanks for the many things which come together to make this all happen.

Always Enough Time

My sense of time is orderly and evenly paced and functions well for all concerned at all times. Being in my body means having the time to decide how to react, and choosing well is easier because I have that time. Shela and other appropriate power animals help me to keep my awareness and response in proper sequence and well-measured. My grounding, breathing, and boundaries are always intact and support me to do very well in all situations. There is always time to pick the best, safest, and most gentle appropriate response. Instinct is only one available response and I can easily choose and enact other responses when appropriate or when requested by my human and animal family and other companions. I know how to navigate these requests.


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