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   "Q: When is an affirmation more than just another good idea? 
         A: When your chi is in perfect alignment with it."
  • How energy clearing affirmations are different from other affirmations you may have used
  • What they are
  • How to write them
  • How they are used to help you

How energy clearing affirmations work differently from other affirmations you may have used:  Doubts, conflicts, and past experiences can affect your ability to receive what you want. But the secret is that the chi being out of alignment is probably what caused the doubts and conflicts to arise in the first place. When your chi is aligned with your wishes, universal life force energy can deliver much more of what you want.

What they are: An affirmation is a positive statement for whatever you want to go well in your life, family, finances, health, relationships, work, friendships, etc.

How to write them: Read the Guidelines below and/or some of the samples. Or just start writing whatever comes up for you, then check the guidelines and samples to see if there is something you want to add. I review your affirmation. I put myself in a receptive state during the energy healing session, so additions or changes to the affirmation can come through clearly. I let you know the final version I used after the session.

How they are used to help you: If you just state an affirmation, it can make you feel good. You feel like you are concentrating on some things you want. But if your energy (chi) is not aligned with the positive statements, then you will not get very good results. I do energy testing and clearing on your energetic field to put it in alignment with the statements in your affirmation.


I have learned these in over a thousand hours of energy healing sessions I have done:

  • Everything is stated in first person (I ___).

  • I choose carefully when setting up an energetic 'because'. Sometimes it is better not to specify the terms by which a particular success can be achieved.  For example, 'I am healed because ___' only affirms healing in the way you name, when there may be many ways of healing you have not named, equally effective.

  • Sometimes you may combine multiple requests in too long a sentence.  It may be better to divide it into several shorter sentences to be energetically isolated from each other.

  • I usually completely leave out the description of the negative options because it is energetically impossible to affirm the positive options while mentioning the negative ones.

  • I may specify a brief description of how things will look when they go well, or what steps are involved in the goal.

  • I sometimes mention the responses of other people, even though I am not directly working with them. This is so you will be energetically aligned with all positive responses from the others in their life.  We are not changing them, but your energetic response to them.

  • I follow my spiritual guidance about where to apply each of these tools in the context of each situation.

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